Where is Middle Earth



Alaska is a very diverse region. From the mountain tops to the river valleys you will see a variety of land forms that will create a breathe taking view. The official language for the region is English. Along with its landscape, it has a very diverse culture. It is split into 11 main regions with each containing it own history which shaped it culture to where it is today.


I personally think that Alaska would make a great location for middle earth. The mountains would be a perfect fit for all of the scenes during the adventure. The rivers are vast in Alaska. This would play a key factor because the adventure continuously contains rivers. All factors play a major role in this decision but i think that Alaska fits all of the needs.


Counter Claims

Many people say that New Zealand would be a ideal location for Middle Earth. It would be a good location, but it has its flaws. The mountains lack the height and size needed, Where as in Alaska, the mountains are huge. New Zealand is more green and colors while Alaska gives the dark and gloomy feel needed.


Overall, Alaska would make the best location for Middle Earth. From landscape to culture, it fits all of the needs. Alaska's vast mountains and long, beautiful rivers really give a great fill for the landscape needs. Although many people think differently, I think that Alaska would make the best Middle Earth location.
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