Adolescent Intellectual Development

By HPS Middle School Teachers

Significant facts about development

  • Highly curious, if interested
  • Favor active over passive learning
  • Grasp concepts from concrete to abstract

How is practice impacted?

  • Use a wide variety of approaches (cognitive, affective, psychomotor)
  • Connect to real-life experiences ("their world")

New or surprising information

  • Adolescents can appreciate sophisticated levels of humor (within specified relationships)
  • Pick up on more than we think they do

Evidence in our practice

  • Keen observers
  • Affected by change (environment, schedule)
  • Enjoy leadership roles
  • Don't like Intellectual skills being called into question or pointed out as what they don't know

Aligning practices to recommendations

  • Connect to adolescent experiences in each of our classrooms
  • Differentiate skill-based activities

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore: The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain

Some of our top instuctors

Middle School Conference 2013