Assistant Superintendent Update

December 2017 Vol.1 Issue 2

'Tis the Season for Excellent Professional Development

We have had a very positive and productive few months since the opening of our school system! Our administrators, teachers, and students have been very engaged in learning a great deal through our District goal of Blended Learning in Grade level professional development.

What is "Blended Learning?" Blended learning is an education program whereby students are learning through online digital resources and other classroom instructional strategies. It allows the teacher to personalize and differentiate students' instruction to best meet each students' individual learning needs.

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessments and More...

· Completed District Universal Screening Assessments at the Elementary (AIMS Web) and Secondary Levels (STAR)

· Examining data at all levels including creating templates for school wide conversations.

· Received and shared results with administrative team, staff, and families.

· Working on consistent systematic review and analysis of district and school wide data to improve both instruction and achievement.

· Continuing curriculum professional development at both Elementary and Secondary levels: Math, ELA, and integration of Blended Learning resources in all curriculum.

· Ongoing Science Professional Development in coordination with East Bay RI Collaborative at the Elementary level: calibration of student work and online FOSS Science support. Support with released items for new RI Science Assessment, Spring, 2018.

· Blended Learning Professional Development ongoing and embedded at all levels through our Technology, Curriculum Integration Specialist, Mrs. Theresa DeRiso. The focus for Elementary has been best evidence based reading practices integrated with Blended Learning practices. The Middle Schools and High School have examined content such as ELA, Math, and Social Studies while integrating Blended Learning tools as well.

More Supports at All Levels...

Þ Technology: 1:1 Devices for all students Grade 8-12; continuing to add more devices for students at the Elementary Level

Þ Introducing new 504 forms and procedures Grades K-12

Þ Forming a District RtI/MTSS Committee to review current documents, procedures, intervention forms and intervention resources

Þ Continued Universal P.B.I.S. programs at Elementary and Middle level with further expansion at Elementary schools with no formal behavioral support programs.

Þ Continued M.T.S.S grant work (American Institutes for Research) with McGuire Elementary and newly added Birchwood Middle School

Þ Our PTECH (Pathways in Technology Early College High School) program at North Providence High School welcomed Governor Raimondo recently who helped us officially open this remarkable and successful program! We are so proud of our 45 students work in the health field led by our Director, Mrs. Melissa Caffrey. We recently had our orientation with our mentors who will be mentoring our students!

Þ Our Marine Trades program at both the North Providence High School and Middle Schools continues to be an outstanding and real world pathway for our students.

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Celebrating Our North ProvidenceTeachers!

In September, 2017, two of our Secondary level teachers were recognized and celebrated with the Golden Apple Award! Commissioner Wagner and News Channel Ten reporter Patrice Wood honored North Providence High School Math teacher Deborah Giammarco and Ricci Middle School Science teacher Kim Hardman.

Besides their excellent instruction, both teachers’ students remarked about each teacher’s caring and supportive relationships with each student.

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It continues to be such a pleasure and honor to share and celebrate all of the exemplary teaching and learning we have experienced in the past couple of months. We have the best students in the world!!