Printers and Scanners:

What sort of printer do you require?

Printers and Scanners: What sort of printer do you require?

Not all printers are made the same and therefore, you are probably not going to find a product that’s a “one-size-fits-all”. You will have to do lots of serious thinking before you can finally make a decision on the kind of printer you'll need. It's very important to determine exactly where as well as what you will make use of a printer for before choosing one. Are you purchasing a printer to use right at home or maybe for your workplace? What is important for you: print quality and / or print speed? What would you choose: monochromatic printers or maybe colored printers? How often will you be using your printer? All of these along with other concerns can be clarified simply by acquainting yourself in the different types of printers and their uses. Look into the options below and decide which ones suits your printing preferences.


An inkjet printer is the greatest choice for people who print plenty of colored documents and / or photographs. Nearly all inkjet printers are supplied with the typical cyan-magenta-yellow-black color ink cartridge. However, a few photo-centric printers consist of additional hues. If you are into printing images or perhaps coloured paperwork (greeting cards and the like), then an inkjet printer is definitely the best way to go! You will find laser colored printers that let you print out photos, however the quality of the result just isn't as good as the ones you will get via an inkjet printer.

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Laser printers are the most useful choice for quick as well as heavy-duty printing. Nearly all laser printers have the ability to turn out paperwork much faster compared to inkjet printers. They also have increased work cycles and have superb printing power. Laser printers were made for quick printing therefore they have larger paper trays in comparison to inkjet printers. Laser printers use toners instead of ink for printing.


Multi-purpose or all-in-one printers are printers great for printing, copying, scanning and faxing documents. Multifunction printers are great home or office tools. You will save a lot of money as well as room with this type of printer because it combines numerous equipment into one!


There are several varieties of photo printers out there. A few multi-function inkjet printers come with sd card readers, image modifying applications, colored LCD monitors for image enhancing and PictBridge connection.

Photo printers have wide arrays of ink hues that go past the typical cyan-magenta-yellow-black choices. Photo printers also print on paper as huge as 8.5x11 inches. If you want to print out smaller sized, pocket-sized photographs, then there are also snapshot printers on the market. Snapshot printers are actually user-friendly and frequently transportable printers that let you print pocket-sized and / or snapshot-sized photos. Snapshot printers are often very expensive however they are more convenient compared to having to print out your own photos on a photo kiosk.

When it comes to choosing a printer for your day-to-day use, it is important that you consider your needs above everything else. Also, consider how much money you’re willing to spend on a printer. Quality printers may cost more, but they last longer than the cheaper varieties.