Elves Go on Strike

It was Christmas Eve and Santa, who always wanted to be prepared, got up bright and early to get ready for the night ahead. When he got to the workshop, he found it empty. He thought his was odd because it was Christmas Eve. Santa thought they might have already been done for the year and had went outside to celebrate. So, he decided to go outside to find them. From his office window, Santa saw all of his elves standing outside. When he got outside, Santa saw all of his elves standing around the workshop holding protest signs. Santa, whose head was swimming in confusion, approached an elf with confusion.

"What is the meaning of his, Charlie?" Santa said. "We're only a few hours away from the big night!"

"We think it is unfair that we elves do work three-hundred sixty four days a year while you sit in your study eating sweets!" said Charlie, the head elf.

"We have been using this system for years," said Santa, confused to why his elves are protesting now after all these years.

"Your system has become corrupt!" shouted Charlie. All the other elves shouted in agreement to Charlies response.

Out of words to say, Santa began to make his way back to the workshop door, hoping he could get the few toys the elves made to children at the top of his nice list. Before he got to the door, Santa was tackled by the 20 some elves who were by the door. Since Santa was so large around the middle, it took another twenty elves to wrestle him to the ground and knock him out.

The elves then proceeded to put him on his sleigh, and had little difficulty doing so. After that, they sent him into exile in the south pole. After that, the elves turned the North Pole into a holiday theme park. Parents then soon started to get Christmas gifts for their children, knowing that they could not rely on Santa any longer.

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