Joined European Union in 1973 and wasnt a founder of the EU

History of Ireland

Ireland was a part of the United Kingdom (UK). It is located in Western Europe and west or Great Britain. Also it is accupying five-sixths of the island of Ireland in North Atlantic Ocean. Ireland's coordinates are 53 degrees N and 8 degrees W.
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Flag of Ireland

The flag colors have no meaning. However a common interpretation is that the green represents the Irish nationalist, orange represents the orange tradition and whit represents peace.

Attractions to Ireland


Dublin is the capital of Ireland. It is one of the finest cites in Europe.


A major city in Ireland. Galway is surrounded by beauty spots with stunning views.

Cliffs of Moher

It's 214m (702feet), at its highest point it stretches 5 miles along the Atlantic coast of county Clare in west Ireland.

Major cities in Ireland

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Geographical features

Government and Currency Type

The government in Ireland was a republic, parliamentary democracy. Also it's cyrrency type today is EURO. The currency type Ireland used prior was the Irish Pound ( Irish: Punt Eirannach)

Interesting facts

1-The great potato famine cause at least one million people to die in five years during the 1840s.

2- The Shammrock is the national symbol of Ireland.

3- The harp is a registered trademark of the country.