I Survived 9/11

About the book

The Plot

The story is about a boy named Lucas. Lucas is a kid who plays football and gets 3 concussions. He goes to the doctor and the doctor tells him that he cant play football anymore. Lucus goes to Manhattan to talk to his uncle who is a fire fighter. Then the twin towers get attacked and his uncle has to help. Then the towers collapse and they survive. After Lucus watches his ream play and the book ends.

The Theme of The Story

The theme of the story is not every thing is that life is not all about your hobbies.

Character develop ment

Over the course of the book the main character changes. In the begging Lucus is all about football and himself. But getting closer to the end of the book, Lucus is about helping other people. He likes to watch his team play and doesn't feel jealous.