St. Mary Catholic Schools

September 28, 2021

COVID Testing - Now Offered at St. Mary Catholic Schools

St. Mary Catholic Schools (SMCS) has partnered with Thermofisher to provide free, optional diagnostic COVID-19 testing for students and staff for the 2021-22 school year. Diagnostic testing is recommended when there is reason to believe a person may have COVID-19, such as having symptoms or having recently been exposed to COVID-19.

Who Can Get Tested?
Students and staff who are symptomatic or close contacts to a positive case may get tested.

Testing Locations and Hours of Operation
Diagnostic testing provided by SMCS COVID Testing Staff will be available on school days only from 8:00-11:00 a.m. at St. Mary Catholic High School: 1050 Zephyr Dr., Neenah, WI, 54956.

Testing will take place directly from your vehicle at the high school; please do not exit your vehicle. When you arrive, park in the designated parking spots for testing and follow the instructions on the sign.

How to Get Tested

  1. Pre-register via this link before arriving for testing: Important note: When prompted to select a testing site, select “I’m being tested at a non-public site.”
  2. Upon completion of the pre-registration, you will be emailed a QR code for each person pre-registered. Present your QR code upon arrival to the testing site.
  3. Submit a Testing Consent Form, this must be completed to permit student/staff to be tested.
  4. Drive to the High School, 1050 Zephyr Dr., Neenah, WI, 54956. Testing is only available on school days between 8:00-11:00 a.m.
  5. Call 920-722-7796 when you arrive at the high school and are in the designated parking spot. Please stay in your vehicle and a screener will come to your vehicle.

Type of Test

PCR testing will be conducted. PCR tests have a turnaround time of approximately 24 to 72 hours. The actual times may vary based upon the amount of community testing and spread.

How Will I Get My Results?

  • Negative or Positive results: you will be emailed a secure link to view and print results.
  • You can also call the COVID Testing Results Hotline at 1-866-419-6988
  • Individual who is tested and any unvaccinated household contacts need to stay home, isolate, and monitor any symptoms until results are known.

What Happens If I Test Positive for COVID-19?

If you/child test positive for COVID-19, you will receive a follow-up call from SMCS COVID Testing Staff. Please report positive results to your student’s school.

Why is COVID-19 Testing Important?

Testing helps reduce community spread and keeps schools operating safely. Testing individuals who have symptoms or are close contacts helps enable rapid detection of cases in the school community and reduce or prevent school outbreaks.

Students and staff are welcome to be tested at other sites or by their health provider as well. We hope this process provides an easy option for our students and staff to be tested and remain in school in person.

Additional SMCS COVID resources, protocols, and updates available here.

For questions about this COVID testing program at SMCS, please contact Human Resources Director Chelsey Kind at

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