New York

Dutchin' with the Brits

Come one religion, come all!

Due to this colony being half dutch and half British, the main goal of the government was to satisfy both parties involved. Religious freedom was a huge guarantee to the Dutch and attracted a lot of people for years to come.
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Settling here, ya gotta weigh your pros and cons!

Surely when you move to anywhere you have to weigh in whether or not you feel like you would be happiest there. You draw in on your innermost values and try to decide what is truly important to creating a life. If you want the ability to preach, practice and raise your family in the religion of your choice, then this is the very place you want to live. Due to our colony having to accommodate both the English and the Dutch, there is more diversity and allowance for differences. With the freedoms granted from one end, also comes difficulties from another. We did not have a government for a while and therefore our leaders had to find someway to send a profit back to the king. Eventually though, King James I gave in and allowed us to have an elective assembly. Things are starting to look up for us here!

Information taken from Of the People