HSoC Weekly Update

March 8 - 12, 2021

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We want to congratulate the following students: Our Newest Graduate(s) to date!


JEFFREY CORNEJO - March 3, 2021



Face Covering / Mask Guidelines

As you are likely aware, Governor Greg Abbott has issued an executive order rescinding the statewide mask mandate as of March 10, 2021. The governor’s order also requires public schools to follow the guidelines set for them by the Texas Education Agency. This means we are still required to conduct contact tracing and quarantine anyone who has been in close contact with a confirmed positive case.

To continue to keep schools open and children in classrooms, we believe it is vital for students and staff members to wear face coverings. We will continue to require face coverings for the duration of the 2020-2021 school year. We truly appreciate your understanding and continued flexibility as we work to keep our community’s children healthy and in school.

We hope you and your families have a wonderful and relaxing spring break.

Questions and Concerns can be addressed to Dr. Benskin: abenskin@wisd.org



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Required- End of Course Exams and Tutoring

EOC tutoring has already started – Please mark these dates on your calendars

The English I E.O.C. (End of Course) Exam is on April 6, 2021

The English II E.O.C. (End of Course) Exam is April 8, 2021.

The History E.O.C. (End of Course) Exam is May 4, 2021.

The Albegra E.O.C. (End of Course) Exam is on May 5, 2021

The Biology E.O.C. (End of Course) Exam is on May 6, 2021.


Mrs. Hardister (English) will be tutoring during her conference on Tuesdays.

Mr. Hughes (History) will be tutoring on Thursday and Friday during his conference.

Mrs. Franco (Biology) will be tutoring on Thursday during her conference.

Mr. Gilbert (Math) will be tutoring on Wednesday during his conference.

Teachers are directed to keep attendance during tutoring; doing so will provide the needed documentation for Senate Bill 149/463.

It is our sincere hope and desire that none of you need to utilize this insurance policy

( Senate Bill [SB] 149/463) for graduation, however, it is better to have it and not need it than to not have it at all!

Tutoring Times- See Mrs. Cunningham. Please remember E.O.C. Tutoring is mandatory for Senate Bill 463

Graduation - HSoC

Friday, May 21st, 5:30pm

Stadium Drive

Waxahachie, TX

Students, If you intend on graduating this year and still have work to complete in Apex - GET BUSY!

If you transferred from Global High School to HSoC and still intend to walk at the graduation ceremony with Global High School, please contact Dr. Benskin at abenskin@wisd.org. Dates and times for Global High School graduation are different.

Waxahachie HSoC will have its commencement exercises on May 21, 2021. Students that intend on graduating need to have all course work completed By May 17, 2021.

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HSoC ( High School of Choice)

What is Waxahachie High School of Choice?

We are an alternative high school, designed to help at-risk students achieve their goals of high school graduation and beyond.

What does "alternative school" mean?

An alternative school is a term used to describe schools that provide a different option for students, other than the traditional school setting.

Our Vision

Waxahachie ISD will support and empower our community of learners for success in the 21st century.

Our Mission

The mission of the Waxahachie Independent School District is to develop through a cooperative effort with the home and community, well-educated, responsible citizens who can excel in a complex world.