Welcome to ChinaTown San Francisco

Watch Out For The Cherry Bombs!!!


Hello Welcome To China Town San Francisco since you are here I will tell you a little about this wonderful part of San Francisco, California. I hope that you will learn something and that you have not read anything about this place before you got here.

What you can see while here

Well you can see many thing while you are here you can see the dragon gate bridge that is a little bridge that is over hanging the street there is the Golden Gate Bakery that is some pretty good stuff. So you could also go see Chinatown Alley. That look like China with the theme of the place but it is really in America.

What you need to know if you like sports.

Sports in china town San Fransico.

What kind of sport that they do here are Kung fu,table tennis,semi popular football. and basket ball. I mean you are in California so you have the Lakers,Golden State Warriors,Clippers. So There are team that you can root for and stuff so there are also the Los Angeles Rams Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers

What to watch out for!

Some things that you should be watching out for.

  1. Kung Fu is a regular around there.
  2. Watch out for the gangs
  3. The police and the economy are not great
  4. The Lion Dance is a cool show to watch that takes part of the street. It is a festival that they have and the Lion Dance is one thing they do.

CNY 2013 ~ Acrobatic lion dance (舞獅 Múa Lân) by Khuan Loke @ Tropicana City Mall

What they do for fun?

Well there are many things in China town San Francisco to do for fun you have Kung Fu you have lion dance you have festivals for New Year Eve they do lion dancers, Year of the Monkey,Chinese Paper Crafts, "Write Of Luck",Chinese New Year Flower Fair, and Red Envelope Craft.

What They Have To Eat Here??

Well what we have to eat here are fast food places and sit and dine places.

  1. Subway
  2. McDonald
  3. Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant
  4. Jack In The Box
They all have ok food McDonald is bad for but every other place is ok for you. To eat health wise I mean if you eat at McDonald it is not going to kill you as soon as you eat it.