Charlie Chaplin

Sam Rogers

Early Bio

Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16th 1889, his father was a versatile actor and singer. His mother was currently under the stage name, Lily Harley, who was also an actor/singer. Charlie was left homeless with his brother, Sydney, before the age of ten, because of the death of his father and illness of his mother. Having inherited natural skill in acting, the two boys went to the stage, as part of a group called "The Eight Lancashire Lads" and Charlie rapidly became popular as an avid tap dancer. When he reached the age of twelve, Charlie got his first scene in an official stage play, he played "billy" as supporting role for William Gillette in "Sherlock Holmes" After the play he went to comedy, which led him to the america's, he immediately gained popularity their. At he expiration of his Contract with the Vaudeville Company, he signed on with a company to do comedy in movies. Thus was the beginning of Charlie Chaplin's long and extensive career in American Comedy


While in America, Charlie Chaplin became one of the most famous comedy actors to ever live, he constantly had film companies fighting over who gets to hire him, raising his pay and negotiating contracts. One company, Essanay, asked him to do 12 2-reel films, one of which he was the only character. Eventually, after a contract with Mutual, Charlie wanted to start his own independent company, in order to have more freedom and liberty in what to do with his films. With this freedom he proceeded to make a movie titled "Shoulder Arms" which dealt with World War 1, it was released in 1918. In 1919 he released two more films titled "sunny side" and "a day's pleasure" Later that year, Chaplin joined with Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith to found the United Artists Corporation

American Issues

Disclaimer: i could not find any official information on Charlie Chaplin's opinion on these matters, these are my assumptions based on his personality.
-Buying goods on Credit
Charlie Chaplin would have thought that buying something and giving an "IOU" would be dishonorable and doesnt fit into the business place.
Charlie Chaplin would have thought that cars were wonderful! a great way to get places faster and more efficiently than by using horses.
-Organized Crime
Charlie Chaplin would have thought that no one should have ever been given a chance to do this, organize people to the point of never being able to be caught or arrested