Lewis and Clark Expedition

Interesting facts about the lewis and clark expedition

Fort Clatsop

Fort Clatsop was the fort that Lewis and Clark, and their crew, built and stayed at during the return trip. It had an ocean next to it and the settlers harvested salt from the ocean. The site also had indian tribes around it and had a supply of elk and deer to eat. They ate over 100 elk and 20 deer when they stayed there.

"The Grizzly story"

When lewis and clark were out exploring when they saw a paw print that was huge and they couldn't wait to see what it was, But when they did see what exactly it was...It was a massive 600 pound bear we know as the grizzly bear. It took more than 5 shots to kill and afterward 2 cubs came after them and they took 3 shots to kill each.

Pets on the lewis and clark expedition?

Thats right Lewis and clark brought along a dog named Seaman. This dog was known to be cool under pressure and really needed in times of peril. The dog also had a way with keeping the group calm. Lewis also documented the behavior of Seaman while they traveled through the Louisiana purchase.

Lewis the Secretary for Thomas Jefferson?

Lewis indeed was the Secretary for Thomas Jefferson and was one of the reasons why Lewis was chosen for the expedition of course not for his handwriting. Thomas Jefferson also gave Lewis A crash course in sciences that would help him document what he saw.

Ice age in the 1800's?

Thomas Jefferson believed that Wholly Mammoths would be found as Lewis and clark Traveled west. Sadly this did not happen and wooly mammoths still are extinct.


Since the expedition was heading into Spanish territory Spain sent soldiers to arrest Lewis,Clark and his team for trespassing. They were never caught but I bet if they would have been caught their rights might not have been read they same they are in America.


Lewis and Clark brought with them 200 pounds of gunpowder and a experimental air rifle as well as rifles to arm most of the men. They also brought 400 pounds of lead to make bullets from. They used the air rifle to impress the local Natives, he could shoot 20 rounds at once and it would be completely silent.

Spies and the West?

Before Lewis and Clark, there were other plans to explore the West. In 1793, Jefferson sent the experienced French botanist Andre Michaux on an exploring expedition. So why do we celebrate Lewis and Clark, but not Michaux? It turns out Michaux was actually a secret agent working for the French Republic. He was using the expedition as an excuse to recruit an army of American militia and attack Spanish settlements beyond the Mississippi River.

Eating mans best friend.

By the time they crossed the Bitterroot Mountains, extreme circumstances forced them to eat dog meat. Lewis learned to like it. Clark did not.

Take your Daily Mercury!

Speaking of diseases, one of the favorite methods for treating illness was the administration of tablets laced with mercury. Mercury—which is fatally poisonous at worst, but passes right through the body at best. Today scholars can even trace certain routes the expedition took because of mercury, deposits.