Skagit Academy Tuesday Talk

August 31, 2021


September 1: K-8 Kick-Off is a drive-through welcome back event in our parking lot, see the schedule below for your appointment time. Includes students in LC, PREP & Synergy.

September 2: STAR Testing (for all students NOT in AC 7-12).

September 3: Fall Student Meeting for AC 7-12, 9am-noon.


Skagit Academy (SA) is a K-12 school that hosts several educational programs and sometimes it gets confusing, especially when you have students in different programs. The following is an explanation of each program:

Learning Center (LC K-8): Learning Center students participate in any combination of different classes: Thursday onsite core classes, onsite K-8 electives, and remote classes (determined by parent/guardian).

Synergy (SYN 5-8): This NEW PROGRAM is an onsite integrated core program for LC 5-8 students. Student participate in all day onsite Wednesday classes, as well as available K-8 onsite electives, and may have remote classes as well (determined by parent/guardian).

Preparatory Academy (PREP 5/6): This for students in Grades 5 & 6 that are headed into the Academy 7-12 program. Students participate in PREP classes on half-day Monday and full-day Wednesday, as well as have the option to attend K-8 onsite electives that do not conflict with their PREP schedule.

Academy (AC 7-12): These middle/high school students attend onsite classes all day Tuesday and Friday. This can be confusing because 'The Academy' is a program hosted by Skagit Academy. Also, student in grades 7/8 can attend K-8 onsite electives that do not conflict with their AC schedule.


School is starting on September 1! This year we will have a drive-through welcome back event in the Skagit Academy parking lot for all K-8 students in the Learning Center, PREP and Synergy programs. This fun and important event will include:

  • Meet your teachers and school staff who are excited to welcome you back!
  • Get your curriculum for your classes
  • Bring your completed annual documents to submit
  • Provides required student contact for the beginning of the school year

ARRIVAL TIMES (by initial of last name):

9:00 am- Last Name A-B 9:20 am- Last Name C-D 9:40 am- Last Name E-G

10:00 am- Last Name H-J 10:20 am- Last Name K-L 10:40 am- Last Name M-N

11:00 pm- Last Name O-Q 11:20 pm- Last Name R-Sc 11:40 pm- Last Name Se-T

12:00 pm- Last Name V-Z 12:20 pm- If you missed original time

NOTE: AC 7-12 do not need to attend this event. Their Kick-off is Friday, September 3rd.

SEPTEMBER 2nd is STAR DAY for GRADES 1-8 (not AC 7/8)

Students enrolled in Skagit Academy participate in STAR assessments in the fall, winter and spring. We will have onsite STAR testing for the 'fall window' for students in grades 1-8 (except for AC 7/8 students) on Thursday, September 2, at 9:00am or 10:30am. [NOTE: All AC 7-12 students will take their STAR assessment on Friday, September 3 when onsite for the 'Fall Welcome Back'.]

Kindergarten students will take their assessments on a different day. If enrolled in an onsite Kindergarten class with Ms. Jodi, they will do them as part of their class time. If remote, we will schedule appointments later in September.

You will need to register each student separately. Please use the following link to register your student for the time you prefer. Place the STUDENT'S NAME in the NAME section and parent email. box:


Academy Students in grades 7-12 (Tues/Fri students) - Come to school on Friday, September 3rd from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. We will be STAR testing, going over important information, and having fun! Please email if you cannot attend. Students will have some quiet time as students complete their STAR tests, so bringing a book to read would be great!!


DATA SOLUTIONS parent accounts are ready for login: Click 'Reset Your Password' and create your account using the email that you provided to Skagit Academy.

Once you are in the application, click the drop down arrow under 'Parent Home' and click 'Summary'. You will see a list of your students. You can look at each student's information separately by clicking 'Review WSLP'. Once in that section, click 'Scheduled Classes'. Their list of weekly classes should appear. If your student's schedule is not correct, or you have questions, please call Denelle DeVries at (360) 770-7636 or email

Take the time to look around in the system. Parent account training to use the system will begin in September.

If you have questions about your account please contact Data Solutions directly, click:

  • '?' in the upper right corner, then
  • 'Visit Our Help Center', then
  • 'Submit a request'
  • Fill in the information and click 'Submit'


Talking Points is a texting app that we used at the end of the last school year. It's a great way to receive communication from the school on your smartphone. If you would like the school to send you newsletters and important meeting reminders via text, sign up using this form: Sign me up for Talking Points

For more information about Talking Points: