the life of Emily Brooks

being me:)

skills, values, self esteem, and learning styles

My skills are.. singing ,acting ,cheering ,talking ,eating ,and sleeping,. my values are christ, family, friends, working for what i get in life ,and being someone people can rely on. My self esteem is ok. I know sometimes i dont feel good about myself but mostly I do. My learing style is definentely hands on. I think this is something you should think about before deciding what you gonna be because some jobs just arent gonna be for you. If you like working with animals.. plumbing is not gonna be yor strong suit!

my career as a general practitioner...

I want to help people get well.Being a General Practitioner isnt easy but rewarding.. $182700 is the median annual salary. in my job i will improve peoples health,and perscribe medicine. The job outlook is good. General Practitioners are in health science. ThE work schedule is regular with a couple days where you would stay late. The work enviroment really depends on where you work.Interesting fact ,more than one-third of full-time physicians worked 60 hours or more a week in 2006.

The college that i want to go to is ETSU. It has a good medical program and its close to some of my family. It is located in johnson city, Tennessee. I will need a doctorate or a professional degree. The tuition is 968 dollars for 1 credit hour. I hope to qualify for a choir and band scholarships also an acedemic shcolarship.