Soul Surfer; Bethany Hamilton

Her story

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About Bethany

Bethany Hamilton, born on February 8, 1990, lived and grew up in Lihue, Hawaii. As a child she was home schooled so she could could focus on her surfing career and her supportive family made that possible. Bethany had started surfing at age eight and thought juggling a public school and a surfing career would be too hard. Her family, Cherilyn and Thomas (mother and father) and brothers Noah and Timothy had believed in her the whole way up to now during her years of professional surfing, but there is something that makes Bethany significant. In 2003 at just the age of 13, Bethany was attacked by a 14 foot tiger shark and had lost her arm. During this attack she had lost 60% of her blood and still vowed to return to surfing. After the attack they didn't know if she would be able to surf with only one arm and if she couldn't surf she wouldn't be able to have a surfing career. This was Bethany's struggle/problem. She got through this by one, keeping her head up and a positive mind, but also for the physical struggle she had to learn how to paddle on her board with only one arm. But as she vowed to come back to surfing, that's just what she did. Just two years after the attack in 2005, she had won a national title. In just 2007 she became a pro surfer. With so much strength and drive Bethany has accomplished much more, including winning the 2004 best comeback athlete award, 2007 Women's Pro Championship, and also the 2014 Women's Pro Championship. She also wrote many books including, "Devotions For a Soul Surfer" and "Soul Surfer; A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on The Board". Not to mention the 2011 hit movie "Soul Surfer" made about her. Now 26 years old, Bethany has a family of her own and is still surfing while continuing to be an inspiration to others every day.
Heart of a Soul Surfer: The Bethany Hamilton Documentary TRAILER

Her Quote and Explaining the Meaning.

"I don't need easy, I just need possible" By Bethany Hamilton, A quote explaining the motivational drive she had to get back on her board. This quote got her through the struggle of losing her arm and getting back to being the champion she is and was.

Fun Facts About Bethany

  • Bethany named whats left of her lost arm "stumpy"
  • Bethany returned to surfing just 3 weeks after the attack
  • She got to throw the first Pitch at a Yankees game
  • The dog in the movie "Soul Surfer was Bethany's actual dog
  • In the movie "Soul Surfer" the shark attack scene was filmed at the beach it actually happened at

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