Protect Yourself

Don't get caught in identity theft

First Off... What is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft is a serious and illegal action that involves someone or a group of people stealing, using, and profiting from someone else's identity by using it to make purchases or other beneficial needs. Knowing the different types of identity fraud will help you to be more aware of your surroundings when it comes to protecting your identity.

Types of Identity Fraud

-Dumpster Diving- the retrieving of another's personal data from redundant IT devices thrown away in dumpsters/ dump sites

-Skimming- the process of taking personal information of a credit card by using hand held card readers and then creating clone credit cards

-Phishing- when internet frauds impersonate credited businesses in order to trick you into giving your personal information to them

So How Do We Advoid These Scams and Fraudsters?

Measures to Take to Protect your Identity...

-Never give you Social Security Number, Address, Phone Number, Full Name, Credit Card Information, or any other Personal Information to anyone you do not know or trust, especially online stores, people on the streets trying to sell you items, etc.

-Regularly check your finances, whether it be online or at your local bank, this will help to insure there are no expenses that you did not make yourself, which could indicate fraud

-Shred all old financial documents, do not just throw them away

-Have Computer security by using firewalls and virus protection software

-Keep all your financial documents and wallet/ purse in a safe place where you know only you have access to it/ can see it (a safe for example)