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Magnetism! “What is magnetism?” A force. “How does it work?” You will find out. “Does it attract all materials?” Not all materials. “What’s a magnetic field”? The earth has a magnetic field! Understanding magnetism at first is hard, but the more you learn the more you understand.

The Force

Magnetism is an invisible and mysterious force. Magnetism can go through things like paper, books, and plastic. An atom is a particle. Everything is made out of atoms like plants, air, rocks, and our all of our bodies. Even in a period at the end of a sentence there are billions of atoms. The center of an atom is called the nucleus. Electrons make some of the magnet’s force by orbiting around an atom’s nucleus.

What Does It Attract

A magnetic force attracts iron, nickel and cobalt. It doesn't attract wood, plastic, glass, paper and concrete. Iron, nickel and also cobalt work because they have iron and steel in them. Wood, plastic, paper, glass and concrete don’t work because they don’t have steel or iron.

Where Do We Use Them

Magnets attract metal with iron in it. Magnetism makes metal objects like a magnet attract to another magnet. It is very useful, like you can stick a magnet on a fridge (because there’s iron and steel in it) and then you can hang up papers by putting the paper on the fridge and then putting the magnet on top.


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