News from Azul 4

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November 17-21

Canned Food Drive is here!!! Please start sending in your canned food to help support Azul for Turkey Bowl, and more importantly to help feed our friends at Harvest House.

  • Monday - Last day to purchase yearbooks. Be sure to get your orders in!
  • Tuesday - Fourth grade visits the Fort Worth Science Museum's Mythbusters exhibit.

  • Wednesday - Fourth grade will take our first Math Checkpoint (now referred to as LBA - Learning Based Assessment).

  • Thursday & Friday - Mrs. Lambert will be here to take my place while I attend the NCTE conference in Washington DC. I've always received great comments from substitutes about our class and look forward to another one.

  • Friday - Turkey Bowl will take place at 1:30!


  • Don't forget to sign and return Wednesday folders each week. The papers are yours to keep.
  • Mrs. Cox is collecting 16 X 20 canvases. Please do not label them with your students name, their name will need to be highlighted in the art room showing they brought one. You can pick these up at Michael s or Hobby Lobby. (You can get a 40% off coupon online for Hobby Lobby and they sell them in packs if you need more than one.) She is requesting them before Thanksgiving Break, but I'm sure the week after will suffice.
  • Students should be keeping track of the books they are reading. They each have a reading log where they are to record the book title, author, genre, date began, and date finished. I have encouraged students to keep this in their binder so they can update it no matter where they are. This is counted as part of their grade each 9 weeks.
  • Keep studying those multiplication and division facts! We are rocking these as a class, but some friends still need the daily at home practice to catch up. When everyone has them memorized we'll make smores at the Smalley Ranch!

Coming Up

As if anyone would forget, the following week (November 24-28) there will be no school. I hope everyone has a safe and delicious Thanksgiving Break, wherever you will be celebrating!

  • Wednesday, 12/3/14, we will be holding our first Student Led Conferences. Please be sure to sign up if you haven't already done so! Visit the online site and enter 4TE181958
  • Thursday, 12/4, BISD will celebrate a Field of Readers. So many great things will be happening when we all get together to enjoy reading and company down on the Burleson football field. Check out the Field of Dreams flyer.

Dress Code - Winter Reminder

I just want to ensure everyone knows the winter dress code:

Students can wear undershirts under their polos. It does not have to be the same exact color as the polo but it does have to be: Black, Navy, White or Hunter Green.

Boots (of any kind) are not a part of our dress code. Please remind your student know not to wear them.

Leggings can be worn. They must be full length and solid in color (navy, black, white or hunter green). There should be no added embellishments to them (lace, sequins, pink stitching, etc.)

Jackets that are non-Academy may be worn coming into the building (recess or in the mornings) but will need to be removed once inside. The only jackets/hoodies that remain on inside our building should be Academy jackets (or solid colors that match our uniform).

What We're Learning

Next week we will take our first Math LBA (Learning Based Assessment). Students have worked hard learning this material, several of which are new to the fourth grade curriculum and were previously taught in 7th or 8th grade. We worked through a review packet this week, so students know the areas they need to study in order to be successful.

Students will be working on many Thanksgiving related activities in math, reading, and writing next week. They are already hard at work on their expository essays explaining what they are grateful for, and they have had some great thoughts!

We will be starting our book Tangle of Knots and continuing to work on their 30 book goal.

Growth Mindset

Check out this article to learn more about growth vs fixed mindsets and how they affect children.