Holiday Concert

December 17th, 2012, 7p.m. Kubuski Gymnasium Stage


  • Students are to arrive at 6
  • Students are to change into their Uniform (Marching Band Jacket, black bibbers, black dress shoes, black dress socks)
  • Jazz Band Students arrive in concert dress (Black dress shirt, Black dress pants, Black dress belt, shoes, sock) You will be issued a Swingin' Blues tie.
  • Students are to be in the Band Room warming up at 6:30
  • Concert will begin at 7 starting with the Jazz Band
  • If students are not on stage, they are in the "Ship Yard"
  • After the concert, change out of your uniform and help the directors clean up the stage and the gym floor. Set up, the performance, your attentiveness, and tear down is part of your grade (100 points)
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