Take a trip to Jamaica



people get around in jamaica is by carTaxi and a bus there is so much transportation it is unreliable most people in the buses are just tourist lots of tourist go to Jamaica to observe different things like the Mayfalls or other places when you want to get off the bus you must shout One stop!

Interesting foods

foods you must try is Curry chicken the dish is sometimes frequently consumed in Jamaica most people eat this because they like the spice inthe dish theres different ways to cook curry
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the weather in Jamaica is in the 80's most of the time or tempatures can get higher

seasons are the same but different tempatures they can get really hot or often just stay warm and breezy the heat in Jamaica sometimes

Jamaican phrases

phrases you need to know

just a little = just a toops

look at that = coo deh

can you please = A beg uh

oh my gosh = jessum peace

excuse me = jus a word

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a map of jamaica ^

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Jamaican currency^

Jamaicans call their currency Jamaican dollar

USD 1.00=122.95 JMD

come visit the Mayfalls

The main Attractions you can come to is the Mayfalls it is located in parish of Westmoreland lots of people go and visit from different places it is so beautiful most people like going to see the Mayfalls because it makes people feel like they're in the jungle sometimes because there are trees surrounding the Mayfalls they're two waterfalls with 21 natural pools so that people can swim there people say that the set of it is beautiful