A Midsummer Nights Dream

By: Max, Kayden, Ashley, and Sabrina

Act 3, Scene 2, Lines 305-344


Lysander is accidentally mistaken for Demetrius so Lysander ends up falling in love with Helena because of the love potion. Lysander and Demetrius end up arguing over who loves Helena more, but Helena thinks that it is mockery and that Lysander doesn't truly love her. Hermia comes in and yells at Lysander for confessing his love to Helena. Demetrius is trying to protect Helena and attacks Lysander, but Hermia steps in to stop Lysander.

Mos Important Quote

Quote: "Get you gone, you dwarf, you minimus of hindering knot-grass made, you bead, you acorn"-Act 3, Scene 2, Line 328-330.

Paraphrased quote: Go away you undersized human , you tiny weed, you scrap, you acorn.

This is an important quote because it is showing Lysander yelling at Hermia because she is mad at him for confessing his love to Helena, but he doesn't truly love her, and only loves her because of the potion Puck accidentally put on his eyes. And Lysander is fed up with Hermia for not believing him.

Character Analysis: Helena

Helena is a significant character because without her there would be no conflict. Her love for Demetrius leads into a dilemma with magic. Helena is a sympathetic character because of her constant neglection from Demetrius. Helena is her best friend that she fights with and ends up walking out for she is very sensitive and caring.

Character Analysis: Demetrius

My character is Demetrius, who is in love with Hermia, but is loved back by Helena instead of Hermia. He is significant because he argues with Lysander about who loves Helena more. If he wasn't there, then there wouldn't really be a conflict because then Lysander would have no one to argue with over who loves Helena more, and Puck wouldn't be able to put the potion on the wrong person. Demetrius' conflict is that he and Lysander are arguing over who loves Helena more while Helena and Hermia are fighting. Demetrius is loyal because he is trying to prove to Helena that he loves her more than Lysander. It adds to the conflict because if he wasn't loyal, then he would have just given up and let Lysander win. But since he is loyal to Helena, he protects her and continues to argue with Lysander.

Lysander Character Analysis

My character is Lysander, he is important because he was supposed to be in love with Hermia and it messes up the whole scene. He is encountering a problem with who he loves. Since he is rude, he might mess up his relationship with who he actually loves.

Character Analysis: Hermia

Hermia is important because she is the cause of most of the conflict in the play. Both Lysander and Demetrius were in love with her but after Puck uses the magic they both fall in love with Helena; Helena and Hermia start fighting and our soon joined by the boys defending their love Helena. The conflict is caused by Hermia's jealousy is the cause of a lot of conflict because she cant stand that Demetrius and Lysander chose Helena over her.