Greta Garbo

By Alexis Roe

Greta Garbo and Her Journey

Greta Garbo was born on September 18, 1905 Stockholm Sweden. She started her career in Europe, and later she got more experienced. Greta was nominated for four Oscar Awards, and later she won an honorary award. For a living Greta made films that sometimes she would even be in them. She earned a scholarship for Royal Dramatic Theater. Greta was coached as an actress for years. She had landed a job as a sales person at a Swedish Store. Most of the films she made were a huge success. Her very first film was “Peter the Tramp“ and a lot of people very much enjoyed that. Some of many of her accomplishments were making the films and getting the rewards for them. Two of Greta Garbo's films were top hits. Greta will always be remembered because of her awards and her really good films.

The Impact and More

The impact that she had on other woman was different than it used to be before her films. The other woman saw her as a new character and they wanted to be like her so they dressed and acted different to seem like they were just like her. She also made it so people could see things that happened in a different way and she made them think about situations more in general.

All About Greta Garbo