Going To Church

Jayden Roland

One afternoon I went to Alexis's house to see if I can go to church with her. That night I went to church I started going every Wednesday and Sunday. It's really fun at WBC (Westminster Baptist church) we play lots of fun games. I'm glad i'm getting involved with god more.

I changed a lot going to church. One night after church I thought about how fun going to church can be. I felt really good about myself going to church. Now that I go to church I'm not a bad person anymore. I used to be mean and disrespectful i'm a nicer person now. I'm so happy that I changed.

My mom told me I needed to go to church and so I did. She said going to church changed her life to and she was right. I always thought it wouldn't work and it would never change my life but it did. I'm glad my mom told me I needed to go to church. Now every other day I go to church.

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