United Kingdom

Brianna Wells and Micaela Cuff


  • Religion from Ireland to Scotland and etc religion has been moved around a lot. From Hinduism, Judaism, and Buddhism.
  • Christianity is the main religion which was passed on from the British government.

Spatial diffusion

  • Over the years the fashion of kilts has spread from Ireland and Switzerland.
  • Also the usage of bagpipes are also an example because they spread from Ireland to the rest of the countries.

Colombian exchange

  • The Colombian exchange helped the U.K by spreading goods and outfits to the different countries.
  • Things like Danishes and kilts would not be there without this trade.

Cultural convergence

  • The different countries often blend their ideas and culture.
  • Religion such as Christianity and Buddhism is blended in these countries.

Cultural divergence

  • Although they are intwined, they often have different ideas.
  • They do not half as much do similar things within the countries and each have their own way if running things


  • Things such as disease do spread there as well.
  • The flu and cold spread easily there do to the lack of heat and medicines.


  • Things like music and technology are put in those countries.
  • For example, One Direction and IPhone.