What will we do in the USA!

The meal and shopping and party in the USA

For breakfast!

We will eat croissant with butter and jam and steamed eggs at Buvette, a restaurant in New York City.

For lunch!

We will eat Burger and French fries at Craigie on Main, a famous restaurant in Boston City.

The Craigie On Main Burger

For dinner!

We will eat seafood, steaks, ribs and chicken at Joe's Stone Crab, a restaurant in Miami.

The shopping!

We will going shopping in New York City. We will buy sunglasses, hat and earrings at The Manhattan Mall, a famous mall. It is a shopping's paradise.

We will go to party in the USA!

While in the USA, we will go out clubbing at the LIV in Miami.

LIV is Top Club in the USA! We will dance the entire night!