Maths Faculty

Updated 1st July 2016

The Dixons Difference is our relentless focus on student achievement, led by highly committed and professional staff. By creating a can-do, independent culture with an emphasis on self-discipline, we prepare our learners for future success in an ever-changing world.

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We value diversity and cultivate happy schools, based on strong relationships, mutual respect, integrity and honesty.

CONGRATULATIONS to KSA for achieving Outstanding for her placement. A well deserved result!

Key Department Statistics

Year 10 Current: 53% 3+ LOP

Year 10 Predicted: 85% 3+ LOP

Year 9 Current: 29% 3+ LOP

Year 9 Predicted: 80% 3+ LOP

Upcoming PiXL Year 10 Exams

  • 12/7/2016 PM - Paper 1
  • 13/07/2016 AM - Paper 2
  • 15/7/2016 AM - Paper 3

Exams to be marked and QLA sent to PiXL by 21st July.


Faculty Meetings

Marking QA - KS4

PiXL Curve Webinar CPD

Departmental QA

W/C 04/07/2016: Faculty Marking and Feedback, use of DIRT

W/C 11/07/2016: Faculty Learning Walks

Staff Appreciations

  • Thanks to all staff for entering Y7, 8 and 10 data to SIMs - 100% met the deadline


  • Thanks to NBO for putting together the Year 7 data project
  • Thanks to those involved in planning Year 11 SoWs:
SAH - Data and Simultaneous Equations

NOA - Pythagoras /Trigonometry

MHK - Transformation of Graphs

IAK - Standard Form and Volume

Line Up Lead Reminder

W/C 04/07/2016:

Wednesday - Year 8-10 - MJA

W/C 11/07/2016:

Friday - Year 7 - AAH

Friday - Year 8-10 - KSA

Teaching and Learning

Year 7

W/C 04/07/2016: Processing data and averages

W/C 11/07/2016: Data project - Questionnaire, gathering and recording data

Year 8

W/C 04/07/2016: Straight line graphs

W/C 11/07/2016: Scatter graphs

Year 9

W/C 04/07/2016: Transformations: enlargement, reflection

W/C 11/07/2016: Transformations: rotation, translation, mixed

Year 10

W/C 04/07/2016: Transformations: enlargement, reflection

W/C 11/07/2016: Transformations: rotation, translation, mixed

Word of the Week

Dishevelled (adjective)

1.Being in loose disarray; unkempt, as hair or clothing.

2. Marked by disorder; untidy.


His dishevelled appearance was caused by the many worrying thoughts he was having and the fact that he paid little attention to his well-being.

A message from SAH about Impact (on T-drive):

It identifies the skills needed for different grades and provides example questions. Pupils who are not sure about certain topic can watch videos and see how the question is answered. They then practise questions and check if there answer is correct by again watching a video to see if their method was correct. Then more questions are given to ensure they have understood the topic well.

Recommended by SAh: Mastery approaches to mathematics and the new national curriculum

Recommended by RDa: Five things you might not know about the new GCSE content