David Ortiz's biggest nightmare

Guilty or Not?

David Ortiz's using steriods?

David used steroids, just because he wants his body to be just like everybody else which is having a muscular body. People did bad things to him to get him off the team. He went through a lot, he cant play until they figured if he really took drugs or not. The side affects are being bald all of the sudden, voice being deeper than usual, breasts being larger.

Get to know David

David plays for the Boston Red Sox. A person asked him if he could take the drug test and he did it said that he didn't took any drugs which he did. It was really confusing for him too.

He is half American and Dominican he's born in November 18.1975 he's currently 38 right now.

Types of drugs


Random Questions

Doping started at 1807. Abraham Wood used it to be awake for complete 24 hours. One of the punishments were that they have to pay an amount of money because of what they did. The first athlete to get caught having drugs is Thomas Hicks in 1904. First athlete who admitted that he had drugs before,is Thomas Hicks. Yes they do change, the standards of a country. the only solution getting away from drugs is going to Rehab. Sometimes if they see a huge and fast improvement on their body probably they will check.

Almose done!!!

Athletes Gay, Powell and Simpson fail drug tests



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Side effects and olympic testing

#1 side effect if your stomach is ALWAYS not feeling good or maybe you just have diarrhea.

David Ortiz took drugs but when he went to the Olympic testing it said he didn't. MALFUNCTION going on!