Module 2 Article

L. Kirk - Chose 5 myths about Gifted and Talented

3 Big Ideas

Idea One...

Gifted learners have been considered role models for other students and are often left to manage on their own often being assigned as peer tutors. There are times they are gifted in one area but that does not make them gifted in all. This can create frustration on the learner as they often need help themselves.

Idea Two....

Children with special needs can be gifted and talented. Sometimes they struggle in one area but are amazingly gifted in others. If they have a special needs eligibility in one area this does not mean the eligibility carries to all disciplines. It takes an observant and versed instructor to find each strength in their learners.

Idea Three...

Learners who are GT do not develop socially and emotionally fast than their peers. Since they often demonstrate higher level thinking, as well as an great connection with adults, this can easily become a given. But instructors must remember that they are still physically and emotionally developing at the age of their peers even if they are intellectually advanced in certain areas.

2 Questions

Question 1

How can you identify the needs of a GT learner? - ie. Finding their areas of creativie thinking and their needs in all areas to be successful as a GT learner without pushing them too hard in areas they are not truly gifted.

Question 2

As an educator, how do we determine when we are not providing enough challenges or pushing too hard? The objective being to provide the challenge without the stress.

1 Action I Will Take Immediately

1 Action

I am going to research the myths and find strategies to use in the classroom in order to align my instruction with the GT learner as well as the others in the classroom in order to compliment all leaners.