Pierre Elliot Trudeau

By: Almeera Zahid


Who is Pierre Trudeau?

Pierre Trudeau was born on October 18th 1919, he was born in Montreal Quebec, in the suburb of Outremont into a wealthy family.

He started out his educational path into law and earned his law degree from the Université de Montreal in 1943. In the course of studying Trudeau was conscripted into the Canadian army, but soon after he returned he went to study again from 1951 to 1961 he practised law, specializing in labour and civil liberty.

He worked as a professor in constitutional law in the University of Montreal, soon liberal party leaders were seeking for candidates, Trudeau and few colleagues were invited to run for party seats, as Lester B. Pearson retired in 1967. He was elected as Canada's 15th prime minister and he stayed prime minister for 16 years leader of the liberal party and our country from 1968 to 1979, and again elected as prime minister from 1980 to 1984, and within a year he had improved the divorce laws and liberalized the laws on abortion and homosexuality.

-Trudeau and how the lessons apply to him-

Pierre Trudeau was very optimistic about Canada's future, he got many jobless back on their feet after a large recession and had been confident in his powers, he was respected but he also respected others.

Trudeau had always been one to show how great of a leader he is from the official Language Act in 1969 to the appointed Jeanne sauve first woman governor-general in 1984 he always lead from the front but he never left his base in law behind Mandela's lesson number 2.

Appearances matter- and always smile, Mandela's lesson number 6. Trudeau was known for making politics the new fashion intriguing teens to give him a name from the excitement generated "Trudeaumania" he in the media a lot considering his favourable way with celebrities. He always smiled as he spoke and took pictures with his fancy clothing, always a cape and the signature red rose in his lapel.

Nothing is black or white, number 7. Just like Mandela, Trudeau believed in equality, so he changed divorce laws and improved abortion laws as they were both unfair to women at the time. He was an open minded leader as he created the Charter of rights which includes:

  • Fundamental freedoms
  • Democratic rights
  • Mobility rights
  • Legal rights
  • Equality rights
  • Language rights
  • Minority Language education rights

1.What was Pierre Trudeau involved in that made him a leader

Pierre Trudeau was involved in the 15th federal election in which he was elected Canada's 15th prime minister for 16 years. Also leader of the liberal party, he granted Canadians the charter of rights and freedom. He also joined the staff of the university of Montreal as the liberal party found him as a potential leader. He was also part of a group called "the three wise men" but he was least known out of them before.

2.What action did the individual take to show leadership

Trudeau took action in changing outdated and inconvenient rules and laws to the Canadians, he fought for women's rights. He also made changes to wages and price control, making several changes in the partition of Canadian institution.


In conclusion, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was an optimistic leader with confidence in Canada and its people so he granted them many satisfying regulations.


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