Good and Bad Music

What makes music good?

Good vs. Bad Music

Although I enjoy those catchy, repetitive song that are played on the radio, I do not necessarily consider them to be good music. What I consider to be good music has to fit a very specific list of criteria.


  • Music is very important to me and I enjoy creating music myself. I think because I compose music, one of the things I want composers to do is to create a very original song. This is hard because so many pieces of music have been created and so many melodies have already been used. But, when I hear a piece of music that sounds nothing like anything else I've heard, I immediately am more interested.
  • Another thing I listen for in music is the composers use of repetition. For example, the typical order of pop music (verse-chorus-verse 2-chorus-bridge-chorus) does not really make me consider the song to be good art. It can be catchy music, but not necessarily good music.
  • One last thing I want composers to use in their compositions is a variety of instruments, or at least sounds. So much music in the 21st century is used with synths, computers, and grid controllers. These can sound really cool and make catchy music, but the composer or DJ has to be very talented and use a variety of sounds in order for me to consider it good art. I really enjoy hearing instruments and very unique sounds in music. This gives the artist originality.


  • One of the skills I like in artists is the ability to improvise. I played piano for a long time and one of the skills I had to practice was improvisation. I really admire if an artist is good at improvisation.
  • Another skill I admire in artists is again, their ability to use a variety of instruments. This increases the originality of the song, and it shows the skill of the composer/artist.
  • I also consider the music to be good if the artist can perform the music as well, if not better, than it sounds in the recording.
  • Another skill that the artist needs to display is emotion. If the music does not convey emotion or feelings, then I probably will not consider the music to be good.

Topic and/or message:

  • Music is good when the composer can convey their emotion to me.
  • If I can feel the emotion and start to feel that emotion, there is a 99% chance I will consider the music to be good.
  • I also admire songs that tell stories because they are usually original and intriguing.
  • Music that describes or conveys an event and the emotions surrounding an event is often good as well.

Artists background or personal views:
  • I love music because it is art. It is an opportunity for the artist to show their emotion, story, and beliefs to the world. I appreciate the artist or composer if they can do this.

Examples of Bad Music

Examples of Good Music