First World War

Maddy D

How did it Start?

The British declared war with Germany on the 4th of August 1914 because of Germany's invasion in Belgium. As part of the British Empire defence powers that controlled England and Australia , Australia was some what at war.

Childrens Living

Boys over the age of 14 had to sign up to join the milatary if not you would be sent a white feather. Most often the news will spread and you can get persecuted by other kids or adults. Back then most teachers were men but because men had to fight in war schools had to get in woman to teach. Children sometimes had to work like for girls sowing and for boys chimney sweeping.


A trench is a little tunnel dug under ground to protect you from getting shot by shells, bullets or even bombs. Men died quite often in the trenches (even if there's no attack from the enemy.)

Weapons Used

BAYONET- A Bayonet is a long sword/knife tied to your rifle. Often used to stab the enemy to death. :(

MAX MACHINE GUN- The Maxim Machine Gun is a gun that shoots a cloud of bullets (around ten at a second)


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