Learning and Growing Together

Essential Agreements

We have spent time during the past week developing our classroom Essential Agreements. We have talked about what it looks like and sounds like to Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. Each classroom developed 2-4 phrases for each Essential Agreement that the children felt were things that they could do at school. It was fun to see how the children could relate to these Essential Agreements and how they were able to formulate the phrases for each category. We want our classroom and our school to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and safe and the best possible learning can take place each day. We have each traced one hand and decorated our handprint to show our commitment toward these classroom goals. These will be on display in each classroom so be sure to check it out next time you are at Rose Glen!

Daily Dismissal Changes

Whenever your child has a change in his/her daily dismissal plan or will need to be picked up for an appointment, we would prefer that you send a handwritten note to school in your child’s folder (and remind him/her to give the note to the teacher). Please do not send dismissal information via email. The reason a written note is preferred is because sometimes we do not have a chance to check email until after the school day is over and every once in awhile, our email doesn’t work and messages do not come through. In addition, if there were ever a time when the class has a substitute teacher, he/she would not be able to access our email messages. Thank you for your assistance.

Online Directory

Rose Glen has an online family directory. Having access to this directory is a great way for you to stay connected with other school families. It also is the way that you would get contact information for your child’s classmates, including information you would need for sending out birthday invitations via email or U.S. mail. (Please remember that unless your child is inviting the entire class, party invitations may not be distributed at school.) Hopefully you have already signed up for the family directory. If you have not, please take the time to do so soon.


iPads and Headphones!

We are super excited that the kindergarten iPads have arrived! We will be using them soon but we have some set-up to do before we can get them into the hands of the children. We are thrilled that the kindergartners have a new style of case this year. In recent years, we were unsuccessful in finding headphones that were compatible with the cases. This year, the cases have a larger hole where the headphones plug in. Because we were not sure what the cases were going to look like, we didn’t want to ask you to supply headphones and then find out that they didn’t fit. Since we are fairly confident that MOST headphones can be accommodated, we are now asking families to send in a pair of headphones for your child. These headphones will travel with them to first grade with their district-issued iPad so they should get many year’s use out of them. We need your help with a few things though. Please send in a pair of headphones for your child to keep at school. The headphones should have a “straight” style jack where they get plugged into the headphone port. The cases are thick and therefore cannot accommodate the bend on some cords. Please make sure that the headphones can stay on your child’s head without falling off. Earbuds typically do not stay in children’s ears so we ask that you try to locate a different style of headphones. We know that there are “fun” styles of headphones available but often, those can be a distraction and take up a lot of storage space. The “inexpensive” headphones are often the best fit for our purposes. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are not able to supply headphones at this time. Since these cases are new to us this year and we are not positive that ALL headphones will fit, please send your child’s headphones to school labeled with a piece of tape and keep your receipt so you can return them to the store in the event that they do not fit. We are hopeful this won’t be the case! Please talk to your child’s teacher if you have any questions. Thank you for your help!