Extra Credit Opps MP3 2015.2016

Making the grade

Extra Credit Rules

Each marking period, students may choose one project to earn up to 50 points of extra credit. These will be graded stringently as they are extra work to add points to a grade earned. All will be assessed on content, presentation, grammar, mechanics and format.

Marking Period Two Option One: English II and English II Honors (50 points)

As we finish The Great Gatsby, there is a modern version you may wish to consider. This book, called Jake Reinvented, bears some similarities and some significant differences to the original. If you wish to do this project, you will need to discuss with me what you plan to do for up to fifty points of extra credit. It will require reading the novel and some writing, but we can discuss that aspect.
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Marking Period 3 Option Two: Vocabulary (23 points)

You will be taking both a spelling and understanding test over these words on March 11 after school if you wish to do this option.

1. Abjure

2. Antebellum

3. Auspicious

4. Belie

5. Bellicose

6. Deleterious

7. Enervate

8. Enfranchise

9. Epiphany

10. Expurgate

11. Feckless

12. Gauche

13. Gerrymander

14. Hubris

15. Incontrovertible

16. Inculcate

17. Jejune

18. Lexicon

19. loquacious

20. lugubrious

21. moiety

22. nihilism

23. nomenclature

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Marking Period Two Option Three: Reading Journal (50 points)

Pick a classical novel, any classical novel, and tell yourself you are going to read for at least one hour per week. When that one hour or so is up, create a journal entry discussing what has happened, what you are confused about, what you wonder or predict. Make sure to speculate in detail. The journal should have at least five entries. When you hand the journal in by March 11, be ready to discuss what was in the journal.
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Marking Period 3 Option Four: Writing (50 points) - due March 15

For the author in you, this option lets you create a story involving the following sentences - and a water buffalo:

She was running faster than she thought possible.

The sun set over the rooftops.

It was more than just another place on a map, it was where everything happened.

She heard tapping on the window.

The fire had gone out and the air was cold and damp.

She placed it in her pocket, turned and ran.

He pulled the rope slowly, not sure what would happen next.

The man had seen better days that was for sure. His nose was bent, his eyes bore old bruises and he had forgotten how to smile.

Should be a minimum of three pages.

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