Future of Energy

Renewable resources biomass

What are renewable resources

Renewable resources are resources that replenish themselves as fast if not faster as we use them which is why they are unlimited. Although they aren't as efficient as fossil fuels the search for them is becoming more and more necesary as we are quickly running out of fossil fuels we need to find alternitaves such as biomass,wind power,hydro electricity,solar power and geothermal energy. These resources are generally expensive to create but they are much less expensive then fossil fuels because fossil fuels are becoming more expensive because we're running out of them.

What is biomass?

You're probably wondering what biomass is well i'll tell you biomass is an organic material being burned in order to create energy. The word "biomass" comes from the greek word bios meaning life. Did you know 19% of biomass is animal waste 19% is alcohol fuels and 77% is wood waste? Biomass is made up of wood,wood waste,straw waste,sugsr cane and other various crops. Biomass is a renewable energy source that requires plant and animal waste. Did you know without solar power biomass couldn't exist in any way shape or form because without the sun no plants or animals could create waste to burn.

What are the advantages to biomass?

Some of the advantages that come with using biomass is you can't run out which is good because we're quickly running out of fossil fuels and it is important to find alternitaves. Biomass can easily be created so you can easily create a lot. Biomass reduces the waste in landfills and can be used for many different products. This is why biomass is a good energy source.

Biomass disadvantages

Along with the advantages biomass comes with it's disadvantages for example it is expensive to create in the first place although it's less expensive then fossil fuels. Biomass is also un-relyable and in-efficeint compared to fossil fuels it isn't environmentally friendly because it creates green house gases hen burned biomass helps cause global warming which is bad because ut destroys animal's habitats such as the polar bears. This is why biomass isn't a good resource
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