The 2B Times

Issue 16 - June 3, 2016

Dear 2B Families,

It is hard to believe that we are already in the final month of second grade! Things in 2B have not slowed down at all, please read till the end to see what we've been up to. It has been wonderful to see the Gritty Geckos' growth throughout the year!

  • In math, we wrapped up our unit on measuring and data by learning about a final data collection method of creating line plots. Students measured objects and then organized the measurement data in a table before representing this data in a line plot. Students learned that line plots are a type of graph that is used to show data in a way that the frequency of data can easily be seen. In the upcoming unit, students will be exploring how to partition shapes in geometry to develop their understanding of fractions as equal parts of a whole. Students will first learn about the different attributes that make two-dimensional shapes to lay the foundational geometry skills.

  • In reading, we have completed our character study unit, and are beginning poetry. Students will learn about the components of poems, and have the opportunity to write some of their own poems too! In writing, we have finished publishing our persuasive letters, and we are now kicking things up a notch by applying all we have learned to our favorite characters of our favorite texts! Students have chosen the characters whom they want to write about and have identified a learner profiles that exemplifies this character. Over the coming weeks, they will find text evidence to support their opinions about the characters they have chosen and begins piecing the examples and evidence they find into a three-paragraph essay.

  • We’ve been learning more and more about the history of the Brooklyn Bridge over the past two weeks. Go ahead and ask what causes “the bends” and see if your young historians can answer! Our creative thinkers have already started taking initiative on their own bridge projects during choice time, and we are getting excited to share our explorations at the final Curriculum Share. We are in need of the following products for our projects, so please send these in if you have them:

-empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls

-empty tissue boxes

-cardboard boxes

-cardboard of any kind

-masking tape

-duct tape

-empty plastic containers and food boxes


-anything else that could be used to build a structure!

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, June 9th - No School
  • Friday, June 10th - Travel to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef (Please bring sunscreen, goggles and snorkel gear!)
  • Friday, June 24th - Whole school Brooklyn Bridge Park Field Trip
  • Monday, June 27th - Final Curriculum Share
  • Tuesday, June 28th - Last day of school (1:30 pm dismissal)

Learner Profile of the Month

For the month of May, BPCS focused on a school-wide learner profiles: balanced and communicator. Helen exemplified what it looks like to be balanced in our community and Nina, Roman, and Keanu exemplified what it looks like to be a communicator. This month, we asked other students to give examples of how their friends were balanced or communicators and this is what they said:


  • "Helen sat next to her friend in closing circle and was very serious."
  • "She knows when it is time to do work and when to talk to her friend."


  • "When someone is hurt, he always tells the teacher."
  • "He always tells people how he is feeling."


  • "He does a good job answering questions."
  • "He is a hard worker!"


  • "When something is wrong, Nina always asks for a power talk."
  • "She is always happy after talking about her problems she solved."

Specials Update

Whacky Times in Music Class!

2B students are finishing off this melodious year in music by creating their own individual and group music using Boomwhackers! A member of the percussion family, each Boomwhacker tube is tuned to play a specific note on the C-scale. Students can place special "Octavator" caps on the Boomwhacker to create higher or lower octaves. Students learned how multiple notes come together to form chords as they played along to catchy tunes such as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Working together, students learned to sight read music and perform as an ensemble by playing musical "videogames"; decoding "mystery" sheet music, composing original songs and performing those songs as a group. Currently, we're using our Boomwhackers to prepare for a very special presentation as part of our Opening Ceremonies for our Olympic festivities in Rio!

2A "Star Wars" Boomwhackers


WOW! We have been doing so much in Physical Education I do not know where to begin! In preparation for our land in Rio for the summer Olympics, we have been doing Olympic inspired games and activities to get ourselves ready for our very own BPCS games at Brooklyn Bridge Park in June! Check out some of our Olympians in action below!
Big image

Grade Two Artists LOVE Working Three Dimensionally!


Second grade artists are preparing for our trip to the Great Barrier Reef. They selected and researched specific fish that live in the reef. Wow, there were many cool fish to choose from!

Additionally, we discussed armatures; an armature is a hidden form or structure that holds up a sculpture. 2B artists built armatures of their favorite fish and paper machéd them. It was super messy — and really fun! Next week they will finish the fish for our Great Barrier Reef Installation.
Be sure to send your artist to school next Friday with goggles or snorkel gear (only if you already have them) for easy viewing in the reef!


PS Please check out our Sign Up to help out with our trip to Australia. (We are looking for boogie boards, surfboards, wetsuits and snorkel equipment, please! Many thanks!!)

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