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What is Motown

Motown It is music made in Detroit in the 1950's to the 1980's. There are lots of different styles like jazz and rock. Berry Gordy is the founder of Motown records and he got very famous becuase of all the Motown bands. Michael Jackson is was a very famous Motown singer. Also The Temptations were the most famous group in Motown records.


Ariana Grande and The Temptations may not look like they are similar but they are. They both have a little bit of a faster tempo to their songs. Another thing is they both like to sing about people. If you look you can see that they also like to dress fancier then most other stars in Motown. One more thing is they both love to to dances with their songs (like most stars).


Even though they are similar they are also different in many ways. For example Ariana Grande sings fast pop and the Temptations sing fast jazz. Also The Temptations always stay in the low notes while Ariana Grande sings high notes. Another example is The Temptations music videos aren't as exciting as Ariana Grande's.
"I Want You Back" - Jackson 5