The Blood of Olympus

By Isaac Head

Blood of Olympus

Blood of Olympus. Publishing date October 7, 2014 Genre is fiction. Author is Rick Riordan


The book started when Jason was climbing up a mountain. He had been changed into an old man so that the giants would not notice him. He was the old man because the giants had a mail runner that was an old man, but he had died and Jason looked just like the mail runner so the giants would tell him everything about Gaea rising. He also had two of his friends with him Piper and Annabeth. They were both dressed as servers so they could serve the giants what they wanted and not get seen. When they got to the top they were told the route they planned to take was a trap and the giants would destroy them. After they found that out they got caught. They fought and Jason got stabbed in the chest. Then there friend Leo who was on their ship killed all the giants using Greek fire.

Next is when Nico and his friend Reyna shadow travel and find them self-thousands of feet above a volcano. Nico shadow travels again and puts them safe on the ground but Nico can’t shadow travel because he has no energy and it will kill him. Then Reyna keeps him safe while he sleeps for two days. Then while everyone was on bored their ship a violent storm hit which was caused by a goddess called Kymopoleia who was trying to kill them for Gaea who had told her that she would have complete control of the sea. When Jason and Percy went down to fight her they told her she would have control of the sea but there would be no people to scare using the sea. Then she stopped the storm and saved Percy.

At the end they all were at the Athens when Percy and Annabeth were caught and to wake Gaea they needed blood from both Percy and Annabeth. They were about to kill them when their friends come and distract the giants. Annabeth had got cut and she saw that Percy had a drip of blood on his nose. When that drop of blood hit the ground Gaea woke up next to comp Half Blood. When they all got surrounded by giants they saw all the gods come out from the sky and destroy the giants. Zeus picked up their ship and through it it landed and got destroyed at camp Half Blood. As they got out they instantly started fighting Gaea. Leo had a dragon and he picked up Gaea and the dragon started breathing fire on her as they were shot out of the air by a catapult and they both died.

The Setting

The story starts when Jason is at the top of a mountain that has a lot of giants at the top of it. This affects the plot because the story is about them fighting giants and Gaea. The plot of the story is to stop Gaea from destroying the world and Gaea has an army of giants working for her. So in the beginning when they fight the giants on the top of the hill it is telling us that the story is about fighting giants and Gaea.

Protagonist and Antagonist

The protagonist is Jason. I think that a good character trait for Jason is that he is willing. He is willing because he is trying to help his friends stop the two camps from fighting. Furthermore he is willing to help his friends stop Gaea in any way possible. Also he tries to help his friends when ever they need it even though he could die at any moment because of the stab wound he has after fighting. For example when the ship is in a storm that is destroying it apart faster then his friend Leo can fix. He gets out of his bed even though he needs to rest because of his injury he helps his friend Percy stop the storm by going to the bottom of the ocean and fighting a goddess. While he is down there he saves Percy and stops the storm. This shows that he is willing to do anything he needs to to help his friends even if he is hurt or going to die. These are the reasons that I think that Jason is willing.

The antagonist is Gaea. I think a good character trait for her is unrelenting. I can prove this because she fought the gods before people were on the earth and she lost. Secondly she was sent to the Tartarus which is the lowest part of the under world. Even after all this she still tries to rise while the gods fight them self's because they are part Greek and part Roman and both sides of them fight each other so the gods can't do anything. Yet this whole time she is planning and trying to get out of there. I think she is unrelenting because she has been beat so many times yet she still tries and succeeds to rise but she never destroys the world. These are the reasons that I think Gaea is unrelenting.

Point of view

The story is told by Jason. This is important because if it were told by a giant for example it would change the plot. If it were told by the giants the plot would be to kill Jason and his friends. But because it is told by Jason the plot is to kill the giants and not let Gaea wake. Also it the plot is to stop the Romans from attacking the Greeks. If the story were told by a Roman the plot would be to destroy the Greeks and kill Gaea.


1. They have to fight the giants on the top of the hill. External conflict.

2. They have to fight the Romans that have surrounded the Greek camp Half Blood. External conflict.

3. They have to fight Gaea who plans to destroy the world. External conflict.

4. Nico has to push his self to the breaking point and almost kills him self but he never gives up. Internal conflict.

Hard work pays off

I think that this is a good theme for this story because all seven kids work together to stop Gaea, and the to stop the Romans from fighting the Greeks. Furthermore, I think this is a theme because they are willing to give up there life to stop Gaea from rising and destroying the world. Finally in the end they defeat Gaea and no one dies so there hard work that they did to stop Gaea from destroying paid of.
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