It's Game Day!

Your typical volleyball game plan

Warm Ups

First before the game begins, both teams set up on each side to start their warm ups. All the players partner up, and start their arm stretches to get their arms ready to play some volleyball! Once the time is up for our pre-game warm up, both teams go to the net and begin to give the opponent high fives, wishing them good luck.

Team Planning

We then to our coach, waiting for who he/she is going to play on the court to start off the game. Once we all come come to a conclusion on who is going to begin we go to the center of the court and pray. We all pray for the lord to give us all we got to put into the game, once done we all break out as a team.

Game Time!

Finally all the girls get into their positions and the game begains. As points are being earned, and the game becomes more intense as it is the second half of the game the crowed begans yelling and cheering for each team. Once the the game has come to it's conclusion, both teams give eachother a highfive along with a "good game" then the players go to the referees thanking them for what they've done.