Counselor's Corner

Vogel Intermediate

Volume 2.0

Racquel Johnson, 6th grade

Megan Rekart, 5th grade

Meet the Counselors!!

Hi! Welcome to our 2019 -2020 school year!! We are excited about this year and the great possibilities ahead!! This year Mrs. Johnson will be the 6th grade counselor and - new to our building - Mrs. Rekart will be our 5th grade counselor. We are here to help our Vogel students set clear goals while identifying ways to succeed in academic settings and in life. We take great joy in having the opportunity to work with students and families!

If you have not had a chance to complete the Needs Assessment Form, please click the links below. This gives us information on how to support our student's needs through resources, groups or daily check ins.

Click here below

Needs Assessment Form English

Needs Assessment Form Spanish

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Cultivating JOY in My Community

This year we are focusing on how to cultivate joy in our Vogel Community. We realize that the success of Vogel is based on how successful our students and families feel. Ours students and families are also at the heart of our community. Our teachers and staff will be offering more opportunities for our families to find the resources and skills needed with in the walls of Vogel. We will be offering -

  • Chat & Chew Parent Meetings- (Cyber Safety, Anxiety & ADHD,)
  • Mom & Daughter J.O.Y. Camp
  • Father & Son Man C.A.V.E.
  • Montgomery County Food Bank - Mobile Food Pantry
  • Matthew's Wish - Weekly Food Pantry
  • Start With Hello - Tolerance & Inclusion
  • The Woodlands United Methodist Church - Clothing Shop
  • Moms Helping Moms - Clothing Shop
  • Positivity Project - Character Motivation
  • Assistance League of Montgomery County

2nd Annual Mother & Daughter J.O.Y. Camp

Friday, Sep. 27th, 6-8pm

27110 Geffert Wright Drive

Oak Ridge North, TX

Vogel Intermediate 5th and 6th graders are invited to our 2nd Annual J.O.Y. Camp designed to

help build strong foundations of self-esteem and knowledge through engaging topics and meaningful conversations. We will offer opportunities for

  • Mom and Daughter bonding activities
  • A deeper understanding of JOY and how to apply it to pre-teen years and beyond
  • Break – Out topics on Relationships, Health, Self-Awareness, Beauty, Nutrition, Fashion, Hobbies and how their Future can bring JOY!

There will be food, music, and fun with raffles throughout the night. Everyone who registers, will get a raffle ticket. We will have bonus raffle tickets for those that register early!!

We are asking that those who participate bring a $5 donation to participate. This will help with activities and supplies for the night! Please bring cash at the door or with returned form.

Click HERE to RSVP online.

Click HERE to print and return form to the school.

For questions, please contact Megan Rekart & Racquel Johnson at / or 832-663-4300.

Leadership Club

This year we will be sponsoring a Leadership Club. The leadership will be playing the role of Student Council on our campus. The role of this club will be to teach and encourage students to lead as model citizens. We will meet 2 times a month. The requirements are outlined in the attachment. Please encourage your natural leaders as well as students who need guidance with leading in the right direction. We also would like to encourage students who need to learn how develop leadership skills.

Leadership Flyer

Cultivating JOY in My Self Care

For Parents and Educators it is a fact that in order to be the best you can be for others, you must take care of yourself. So often we are caught in daily routines and schedules where we don't have time for self. But every role you play, requires your to give a little piece of yourself. Why not check into these great tips on how to replenish yourself through self care? In this blog The USA Mental Health Blog suggest 5 ways we can practice self care in as little as 10 minutes a day!! #makeroomforYou #selfcarebringsJOY

How to Practice Self Care on a Busy Schedule

Confidence in Dress Code

This is the time to comb through your child drawers assess whether the clothing is summer friendly or school friendly. We want the kids to have joy in what they wear to school and when they enter our building have the confidence to move mountains. To ensure that your child is not stopped for dress code concerns, we recommend these simple tips.

  • Hand check
  • Touch toes
  • Sit down

We do have clothes to offer students that arrive out of dress code. For more questions about dress code, please see our school policy on dress code.

**We also have some resources for new clothing resources for our students. Please see your counselor to see if you qualify.

Positivity Project

This year we are implementing a program that will strengthen the character of our community. Students will participate in weekly focus lessons that will help jump start their mornings. We nee your support in holding our kids accountable! Here is a link with more details about Positivity Project. Try to have ongoing conversations about the weekly topics so they hear the same language from all angles.

Parent letter

Week 1 - #OPM2

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Sticks and Stones Overruled by Words...

We have an increasing amount of students having unhealthy conversations or interactions with themselves and their peers. Please help redirect those conversations or interactions by changing the language and teaching the appropriate language. Some of the language exchanged between students eludes to self harm or hatred against others. We have to equip our kids with the right words to say. At our level we realize that our students have true frustrations from low self esteem, unstable friendships/relationships, academic struggles or the initial understanding of family dynamics.

Here is an article that explains how we can equip our kids with better options to express our angers and frustration.

**If you need additional resources, please contact your 5th or 6th grade counselor. You may also see the links below for after hour assistance as needed.

***Please note that if students are reported as using such language, we will take precautionary steps to get them the assistance necessary for the safety and security of all students involved.

Tri County Behavioral Healthcare

It’s hard to know why a child is consistently unhappy, angry, aggressive, or anxious or why a child persistently behaves in ways that are just not acceptable. Check out Children’s Services at Tri-County offers resources for your child or children.


Montgomery County Youth Services is now called YES to YOUTH has valuable resources they offer for students support outside of school. Please click here to see all of their resources and upcoming community events.

Motivation Never Gets Old...

As students transition to the next grade level they may still be busy competing with others or keep up with the norms. Parents can use the Why Try Motivational Formula, to help their kids discover how their negative choices keep them in the "Flood Zone" and how their positive choices can help them resist the urge to react impulsively. Resisting impulsive behavior can help us all gain more freedom and opportunities that will enhance our self respect. Continue to help your kids stay motivated by surrounding them with positive outlets and options. From these opportunities they will learn the value in positive self talk from others and themselves that will help them respond to challenges they face daily.

English -

Spanish -

On Going Healthy Converstions...

6th grade and 5th grade monthly guidance groups are using a curriculum called WhyTry?/Resiliency to encourage students to be “On the Right Track” and teaching them how to apply “Resiliency” in a variety of ways. Here are some of the visual pieces that you can use to help extend the conversation with your kids. These analogies help kids change the language and change the climate of our youth.

Reality Ride

Tearing Off Labels

Getting Plugged In

Rock Bottom Resilience

Relational Resilience

Cyber Safety (Kids Presentation)

Upcoming Dates

Man C.A.V.E. - October 18, 2019

Marriage & Parenting

Church Project North Campus is offering a workshop focused on Marriage & Parenting. It is $25 per person to register. One of the speakers are from our district and has a wealth of information about kids and families. You don't want to miss this opportunity!! To find out details about this event please click HERE.

Flyer for Marriage & Parenting - Details