Lexy Farrington

Vaccinator or Antivaccinator?

Is opting out of vaccinations good or bad? There has been a long disagreement about our medical vaccinations to help in disease and infections. Old diseases become more rare while new diseases are in the making. Should we trust these doctors and medical physicians? What is better for our children, the community, or even the world?

Go Pro for Vaccines!

Opting out of vaccinations puts the public in danger and in health risks.

Since vaccinations started many diseases have gone down.

Diseases haven't disappeared, but because of vaccinations, they are only spotted a few times a year.

Vaccines benefit individuals immune system and provide long tern protection against infections.

If society keeps up with vaccinations, diseases will be eliminated forever.

If more people stop vaccinations, diseases will outbreak and fight around daily antibiotics and treatments.

The other side of vaccines

Vaccines are not good enough!

The risks that vaccines need to give an option for adults to opt out.

Vaccines differ from each person because of everyone's variations. Doctors can't predict if a child will be protected.

People think too many vaccinations cause autism or they overwhelm the immune system.

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