LV Technology

BY: Tanner S

Typing Web

~It helps with every day life such as (e-mail, and texting.

~If you would get a job in a position when you need to use technology this would help.

~Typing could help you in everyday situations.


~Itrailer is an introduction to a movie.

~It was created by apple products.

~You can do it about what ever you want such as your life style.

Career locker

~Helps with modern day jobs

~Talks about what you are good at and jobs you might like

~Shows you the salary and what degree you need to a a specific job

Haiku Deck

~Presents your interests such as a job or a plan you have

~You can write as much information as you want for a presentation

~Also you can add background for the subject your on

Explain Everything

~You can record yourself and share it too a class

~Also you can explain a math problem

~It is easy and fun to work with

Hour of Code

~You can play games and have fun

~Have to use your brain to figure it out

~Gets harder as you move on

E-mail Etiquette

~Helps with typing

~Seeing what other people did wrong and fixing what they did

~It makes you look into the E-mail and find mistakes that other people have made