Using Technology in the Library

Nicole Graham and Jenny Stafford - Paschal High School

Implementing the 1:1 Program

The 1:1 program was initiated at Paschal High School in August of 2015. Since that time, the library has strived to help the teachers and students make good use of their technology. Some of the ways this has been done are:

  • Windows 8 training led by the librarians in the classrooms
  • Promotion of online library applications such as Overdrive, Follett Shelf, and Gale Databases

Working with Teachers and Students

One of the biggest steps that we have taken to boost the use of technology is collaborating with teachers to plan technology rich activities in their classrooms. A few examples of this collaboration are:

  • Lessons on how to create engaging presentations with AP Capstone
  • Zaption lessons with the reading classes
  • Green Screen tutorials in Journalism
  • Recording presentations with the Swivl in AP Capstone and ACT
  • QR Code Poetry with AP English V
  • Library Cart design using reclaimed wood (old library shelves) with Engineering

Collaboration at Work

Technology + Library = <3

The PHS librarians love technology! Through the introduction of various new gadgets, we have been to draw more students in and convince more teachers to use the technology in their classroom. Here's some technology and apps that we use to promote the library and to promote learning in the classroom:

  • GoPro Camera
  • Green Screen Kit
  • Swivl
  • Google Cardboard
  • QR Codes
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Teen Tech Week Activities

More Technology in the Library!

Getting the Students started

It's important to us that the students get used to our schools culture of technology use right when they walk in the door, so we get them started as soon as they arrive! We have a freshman orientation that brings all freshman through our doors. We use this time to teach them about what we offer and to get them started thinking about Digital Citizenship in preparation for all that they will hear about it throughout the year.

Library Orientation:

Digital Citizenship:

Our Biggest Secret...

Our biggest key to success has been a good working relationship with our wonderful 1:1 specialist, Cat Emmele. We have worked together to help students with tech problems pass through the library quickly and we collaborate frequently on how to make technology use in the school even better.

What's next:

The PHS library has exciting new plans for the use of technology at the end of this school year and into the next school year. Here's what to expect:

  • Book Trailers created and posted online with the freshman reading classes
  • A visit to McLean Middle School for laptop and library orientation for our incoming Freshman class
  • Plans for a Digital Citizenship Day - a step towards getting our certification through Common Sense Media
  • An Xbox 360 Gaming Cart for student use in the new Downshifting Area (Blue zones Approved!)
  • A Student Tech Team that helps student solve laptop issues in a timely manner, plans ways to use technology in the school, films weekly video announcements, and more!
  • Presentations given at TCEA