Copyright and Licenses

Jayda Robison

Copyright: a collection of rights granted to the author of a piece of work

There are five main types of copyright licenses:

1. Public Domain: not protected by copyright law because the copyright expired, public money was used to make it, or the creator donated it to the public.

Examples: classic literature, classical music

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2. Freeware: copyrighted work that you can use, copy, and give away for free

Examples: anything on a website that you don't have to pay for

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3. Shareware: copyrighted material that you can use, share, and copy for free, but only for a limited time

Examples: lite versions of games

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4. All Rights Reserved: allows the purchaser to use the software according to details spelled out in a license agreement

Examples: most software you buy at Best Buy or similar stores

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Open Source: software that includes the source code with the idea that someone can improve it

Examples: Firefox, Chrome

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