Falling into the Unknown

Yet trusting the leaves

As the fall approaches I always revert back to the trees and their cyclical nature. However even more so, how they just TRUST and KNOW what is right for them. The big trees that are still so filled with green leaves, will soon begin to turn colors, and they will learn to let go of their beauty, as they fall to the ground. For the trees, it's letting go of the leaves that will weigh them down during the long heavy winter. For us, it is a time to look at what is and what isn't. How we too can let go of our color changing leaves, to find our TRUTH, our PASSION, our PURPOSE, and ultimately our LIGHT.

Have you ever noticed, that most of us take the time to notice the beauty of the fall colors and the leaves, but then one day they just have all fallen? Just like that! Sometimes it feels like it happens over night. Sometimes there are storms that bring down more at a time, but more typically it is a process that is slow, yet beautiful. The same can be said about us. Change is beautiful, yet sometimes ugly and raw. It at times leaves a mess to be cleaned up, just like the leaves in our yard, yet it is necessary to let us fall into it.

There is beauty in everything, just as the leaves change color. However the fall often require us to do chores, so does the inner work we must do on ourselves.

So join us this fall on our amazing journeys to support one another as well all transition, just like the leaves on the tree, to our highest good and our highest purpose.

Love & Light Always,


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Transition into our 200hr Teacher Training October 2019

Are YOU ready to change your life?

We can promise you that you will not enter this teacher training and come out the same person as you begin. It's a magical journey that one can only understand from going through it.

The interest in yoga is growing daily, so much that it has actually become a Billion dollar industry in the United States, and that is with great reason. We live in a society that is always pushing our limits and often times going beyond our capabilities. Yoga allows us to tap into the mind, body and soul connection which allows us to tap into the rest and digest, the parasympathetic nervous system. Which gives us exactly what our body needs and craves.

With that growing demand, now more than ever there is a demand for quality yoga teachers who can teach and empower students, with an emphasis on alignment based yoga. Furthermore, there is a need for ourselves to practice what we preach. Practicing the science and philosophy of yoga on a daily basis transforms you in an indescribable way, and the impact of that transformation carries on through our relationships to our family, our friends, our community.

If you have even the slightest interest in this program, we can promise you it is life changing and a journey you should join us on.

As our lead trainer often says:

"Be the change you wish to see"

Join us on AUGUST 31ST AND SEPTEMBER 1ST @ 11:30 am for a Q&A regarding our program. Dani will answer EVERY and ANY question you may have. No question should ever go unanswered, when it pertains to such a soul changing experience. (there was a date change due to a scheduling conflict)

*if you can not make either one of these times, that is fine, schedule either a time with Dani via phone, or in house and she will meet with you*

For now here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I have only been practicing yoga on and off for a few years, am I ready? Yes if you have any curiosity about the practice, philosophy and Science of Yoga, YOU ARE READY?
  • What if I don't want to teach? You don't have to, many trainees enter a training program to further their study that they can not gain from just regular yoga classes
  • Am I too Old? Yoga does not know an age limit, yoga is for EVERY BODY AND EVERYONE!
  • What if I can't attend all of the dates? Dates are tentative and will be discussed during training, if you are unable to attend a date we will address it during make ups, or schedule a private make up.
  • What if I can't commit to a regular practice during the duration of the training? You have as long as it takes you to complete all your requirements, once they are completed then you will be ready to submit to Yoga Alliance. Everyone will graduate, however certificate of completion may be different for each individual.
  • How do payment plans work? We are very flexible with payment plans, and will be worked out accordingly for what you can afford and when. Payment must be completed upon the week before graduation, how you do that during the duration of the program will be discussed with the director. "I do not believe that Money should every hold someone back from a path or journey that they are meant to be on, I have faith the universe will always provide for you, when you follow a path of destiny" -Dani
  • I really want to do this, but I am not sure right now is the right time? Time is of the essence, only you know when you are suppose to do something. Programs may be offered again in the future, however ask yourself this "Will I regret doing not doing this now?" If the answer is yes, than the answer is probably right now!

No question should ever be silenced, if you are even teetering on the fence a little bit please come to our Q & A or schedule a time to meet with Dani so she can assist you and answer any questions you may have!

Applications will be readily available at the Q &A, if you want one sooner, just reply to this email and we will send it right over!

Dates of Program

Saturdays - 9:45am- 6:45pm

Sundays - 9am-6pm

(*please note these hours may be shortened if students wish to work through a lunch, releasing and hour earlier, and are subject to change based on discussion of the participants, as well are tentative based on group)


10/26 & 10/27


11/9 & 11/10

11/16 & 11/17


12/7 & 12/8


1/11 & 1/12

1/25 & 1/26


2/1 & 2/2


3/7 & 3/8

3/28 & 3/29


4/4 & 4/5

4/18 & 4/19


5/16 Graduation 5/17

*Membership is a part of tuition for trainees, and trainees are required to take minimum 2 classes per week at no additional cost.

*There will be additional teaching hours required on Fridays but will be scheduled individually, and will not start until mid training.

  • Investment: $2950 in full-Paid in full before first session
  • Registration: $3150 with a payment plan (6 month fixed or individualized plans accepted) $200 non-refundable deposit to hold registration.

*deposit is deducted from the overall price of program, but is required along with an application to register for the training*

Return of Mystical Tribe

Please note all Mystical Tribe gatherings are typically the first Friday of the month and CASH ONLY , and require sign up at the studio in house prior to the date of the event

Fall Schedule 2019

Weekly Schedule of Classes

Fall Schedule

Effective 9/8/19

9:30am-10:30am- Gentle Yoga

7:00-8:15pm – Yoga (open level)

9:30-10:30am- Yoga (Open Level)

4:30-5:15 Kids Yoga

*see dates below for each 4 week series*

5:20-6:35-LiLa Cycle *NEW DAY & TIME*

*Mandatory Pre-Registration*
6:45- 7:45pm- Prenatal Yoga*NEW DAY & TIME*

See dates below for new series

8:00-9:15 – Yoga (open level) *NEWTIME*

9:30-10:30am- Yoga (open Level)
7:00-8:15pm Yoga (open level) *NEW TIME*

9:30-10:30am Yoga (Open Level)

7:00-8:15pm- Candle Light Yoga (open level)

9:30-10:30am-Gentle Flow

4:00-5:15pm Yoga (Open Level)*NEW CLASS*

8:15-9:30 LiLa Cycle

*Mandatory Pre-Registration*

9:45-11:00- Yoga (open level)

10:00-11:15am Yoga (Open Level)

*schedule subject to change without notice*

*Kids Yoga Dates : *4 week series** 9/10, 10/8, 11/5,12/3, 1/14, 2/11, 3/10, 4/14, 5/12 , *6/9 yoga expo

*Prenatal Dates: * 6 or 12 week Series*

9/10, 10/22, 12/3

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please check our website regularly for any changes in schedule and or cancellations as our schedule is subject to change without notice.

From 10/1-10/26 there will be NO LILA CYCLE held while Dani is recovering from having her baby. The class will return promptly with Dani's return on 10/26*

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