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Berry College Eagles

Live Webcams Cam1, Cam2 and ApproachCam

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Berry College

Dr. Renee Carlton

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2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW,

Mount Berry, GA 30149

Osprey Cam at Chesapeake Bay

Compare this nest to our Eagle Nest!

Berry Eagle Update on Tumblr

April 9, 2015

Our eaglets are almost 8 weeks old and are progressing right on schedule. They are flapping their wings regularly and are showing definite interest in the world beyond their nest. Many of you saw the intruder on the nest this week that created a fight with the parents. The intruder was a three-year-old sub-adult probably looking for territory and hoping to take over the nest. Eagles are “opportunistic” animals and would rather take a nest than build one from scratch. It was a particularly aggressive sub-adult, hanging out under the nest and repeatedly coming back even after being pushed away by the parent on the nest. It would not have been B3 or her older siblings, B1 and B2, because the intruder was older.

To see video from both cameras (and be sure and turn up your sound on camera 2), go to our Facebook page. It is quite dramatic video and the two angles give a good look at the incident. The parents are remaining vigilant these days with good reason.

We can expect a fledge in early May with B5 a few days after B4.

Audubon Eagle Information

Here you can find out about the life cycle of an eagle.