Sound & Hearing

Miriam Needles


Our ears are probably the most important thing that we as humans can have. Some might even might say they are more important than our sense of sight. Our ears have the ability to find where we are hearing originated from. Have you ever noticed that our ears face forwards? This is important because this way we can hear things in front of us better. You might wonder why out ears are so oddly shaped. This is because it collects the sound waves that we hear.

Inside the Ear

Inside of the ear we have a little membrane called the eardrum. This little thing is used to collect the sound waves from the outer ear. The eardrum is similar to an actual drum because when it is hit with the sound it vibrates. After the sound has traveled through the eardrum it comes to the hammer, anvil, and stirrup. These little things will have the sound go over to the auditory nerves witch will convert the sound waves into nerves that travel to the brain. The auditory nerve brings the sounds to our brain where we hear them.

Copy-Write: Discovery Ed Science Text Book