Fifth Grade News

Mrs. Getchman ~ January 25, 2018

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Learning Targets


* Identify main ideas and details in a nonfiction story

* Use text evidence when responding to a story prompt

* Use commas in introductory elements and to set off

* Complete analogies


* Solve real-world problems involving fractions and mixed numbers

Social Studies

* Locate and spell states and capitals in the NE region

* Compare three colonial regions


* Explain the parts of the celebration of Confirmation


  • Tomorrow - Mass
  • Tomorrow - Passport Check Day
  • January 28 - Catholic Schools' Week recognized at Mass
  • January 28 - February 2 - Catholic Schools' Week
  • February 13 - Valentine Party and lunch with Mardi Gras in the afternoon
  • February 14 - Ash Wednesday
  • February 15 - OJP "Waters of the Earth" 10:00 AM
  • February 19 - No School - Presidents' Day
  • February 22 - State test #1

Be kinder than is necessary


Congratulations to Gabriel Schilter and Gabriel Hinzpeter who are the fifth grade finalist in the National Geographic Bee. They will compete against the finalists from grades 4-8th for the championship next Tuesday at 2:00 in the school gym. If you'd like to learn more about the National Geographic Bee, please visit the website.

See Thursday Notes for an extensive account of our Catholic Schools' week events. We sure are lucky to be in a Catholic School!

I am still looking for one more mom to chaperone our trip to Ashland, Oregon in June. Please email me if you are interested.

It is typical for supplies to run low this time of year. One item we use weekly is a set of ear buds for the iPads. Many students don't have them - perhaps they brought them home or have misplaced them. Please check and see if your child needs a pair. Elmer's liquid glue, glue sticks, erasers and pencils are some other items students are short on. Thank you for your help in replenishing these supplies.

I look forward to seeing you all at Open House on Sunday. I know you'll be interested in visiting middle school, but don't forget to stop by and locate the fifth grade scavenger hunt item.

Blessing to you all as we very quickly move toward the season of Lent.