5th Grade nEwsletter

April 3, 2014

Math with Mr. Leipprandt

In math, we have been finishing up our Geometry unit. We just took a quiz over area, volume, and coordinate grids on Wednesday of this week. During our Geometry unit, students found the area of the classroom, found the volume of boxes, and created/brought in their own cereal boxes. To start the 4th marking period off, we will do some review on multi-digit multiplication and division, fractions, and many other concepts that have been missed due to our 19 snow days. We will need to work at a quicker pace and may require more work to be done at home. Please help your child during this last marking period to make sure they stay on track. We will have an oral quiz on the multiples of 8 after spring break, so keep studying!

Please check out my website link below. It has many resources to offer and has a pdf file of each math assignment we have done.

Science with Mrs. McClintic

In Fifth grade science we are wrapping up our Earth science unit entitled, "The Planet Rock" by making our volcanoes. We have been discussing the rock cycle and constructing/deconstructive forces and have been learning about the different types of volcanoes and how they are formed. The students were given a specific volcano to research and had the task of creating a model of it to present to the class with their information. We are creating our volcanoes this week. Next we will be starting our unit entitled “Energy in an Ecosystem" where we will focus on life science.

Reading with Mrs. Fuhrman

In reading, we just wrapped up Theme 4. Our main focus was literary devices (simile, metaphor, idiom, etc.). We have also been focusing on retelling and summarizing short texts that we read. Next, we will be working on biography/autobiography by comparing texts, characters, and ideas. **Note: Your child needs 5 A/R points for the month of April (it wouldn't hurt for them to do a little reading during vacation).

Social Studies with Miss Lange

In social studies, we are wrapping up our chapter on the 13 colonies and what life was like during that time period in the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies. We will begin to look at “The Struggle for North America” and how the French and Spanish claimed lands that had long been home to the Native Americans. Students will look at events that soon led up to the French and Indian War.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

April 3rd - Report Cards Come Home - Please sign and return them with questions or comments.

April 3rd - March Madness Assembly

April 4th - Frankenmuth Carnival

April 7th-11th - Spring Break

April 15th - Bingo for Books After School

April 18th - Good Friday - No School

April 21st - Regular Day of School

April 25th - Grandparent's Day at 1 pm

Field Trips

Because we have lost 19 instructional days, we will not be able to attend any field trips this year. It is for your child's best educational interested that this decision was made. The money saved from not attending field trips will be used to purchase more iPads for student and classroom use.

Missing/Low Assignments

As the 4th marking period is now in effect, please see to it that your child turns in all of their work and redoes any low assignments. Any assignment can be redone, and always has "Redo" on it for students to see. Overall, there were a lot of low scores due to missing/low assignments this past marking period. Please ask your child's homeroom teacher for updates.