ZHS Weekly Update

May 15, 2022

Zephyrhills High School is the home of the Bulldogs!

The mission of Zephyrhills High School is to prepare students to become productive, responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

Our vision is that all of our students achieve success in college, career, and life.

Our theme for the 2021-2022 school year is Building Excellence!

May 15, 2022

Principal's Message

Hello Bulldog families!

Academic Support:

We have only 8 school days left for the 2021-2022 school year.

Please continue to help your student stay on-track by doing weekly backpack clean out and paper organization, reconciling papers in that backpack with assignments you see in your MyStudent portal, checking on their tardies, and clearing any absences with written parent and/or doctor's notes.

Attendance and effort in every class period every day and working on/turning in every assignment will make a HUGE and positive impact on your student's academic progress.

Many assessments are still required for graduation. Please ensure your student is in classes every day. We have a great deal of testing occurring in several locations on campus..

Bulldog PRIDE:

Many of our students are exemplary when demonstrating academic skills, positive behaviors, and language choices. We will continue to review all BulldogPRIDE components this quarter and will continue to hold students accountable for their behavior and language choices when outside of PRIDE standards. Passes out of class will be restricted to only one student out of class at a time, using our lanyard passes.



Individual Thinker

Dedicated to Academics


We follow the Pasco County Schools Student Code of Conduct and Dress Code guidelines for all students. We encourage all students and parents to review the Pasco County School Student Code of Conduct and Dress Code. Students who continue to violate the Pasco County Schools Student Code of Conduct will be referred for consideration of alternative placement.

Closed Campus:

ZHS is a closed campus. Students are expected to remain on campus for the entire school day and do not have permission to leave campus for food/lunch. Additionally, outside food, food delivery, and food sales is not allowed, as it jeopardizes our Free and Reduced Meal status. These deliveries will be refused.

We are resilient. We are committed. We are determined. We are Bulldog STRONG!

--Dr. Christina Stanley

This Week at ZHS

NO PASSES OUT OF HOMEROOM this week, unless pre-approved by administration.

ALL students must use teacher lanyard passes. No handwritten passes allowed.

Monday, 5/16:

Be a team player! Wear a sports-themed shirt/jersey

US History EOC exam (AM/300 wing, Gym)

ELA FSA Sessions 1/2 gr 9/10 retakes (PM/300 wing, Gym)

Chess Club (2 p.m./Rm 201)

Spring Wrestling (3 p.m./Wrestling rm)

NHS Induction Ceremony (ZHS Gym/6 p.m.)

Incoming 9th Band orientation (ZHS Band Hall/6 p.m.)

Tuesday, 5/17:

Be bright! Wear a summer-themed shirt

District Finals (Periods 1,4)

Algebra 1 FSA/Geometry EOC Session 1 retakes (All day/300 wing, Gym)

Night of Excellence/Senior Awards (ZHS Gym/6 p.m.)

Wednesday, 5/18:

Be future ready! Wear College/Career/AVID/ZHS academy gear

SAC meeting (7:45 a.m./Media Center), District Finals (Periods 2,5)

Algebra 1 FSA/Geometry EOC Session 2 retakes (All day/300 wing, Gym)

Spring Wrestling (3 p.m., ZHS Wrestling room), PERT (After school/Media Center)

Boys Weightlifting banquet (6 p.m./ZHS Dining Room)

Thursday, 5/19:

Be kind! Wear a shirt with a positive/inspiring message

District Finals (Periods 3,6)

Biology/US History EOC exam makeups (All day/300 wing, Gym)

PLC meetings during teacher planning periods, Fire Drill

FCA Club (2 p.m./Rm 26-216), V Football away @ JWMHS (7 p.m./Spring game)

Friday, 5/20:

Be proud! Bulldog Spirit Day: Wear Bulldog gear/colors

HOPE District Final (All day), Senior Check out day (Media Center)

Spring Wrestling (3 p.m., ZHS Wrestling room)

Saturday, 5/21:

ZHS Band Kickball game (10 a.m./ZHS Softball field)

ZHS Senior Class Car Parade @ Zephyrhills Founders Day Parade

ZHS Testing Schedule for the Week of 5/16

Monday, 5/16:

US History EOC exam (AM/300 wing, Gym)

ELA FSA Sessions 1/2 gr 9/10 retakes (PM/300 wing, Gym)

Tuesday, 5/17:

District Finals (Periods 1,4)

Algebra 1 FSA/Geometry EOC Session 1 retakes (All day/300 wing, Gym)

Wednesday, 5/18:

District Finals (Periods 2,5)

Algebra 1 FSA/Geometry EOC Session 2 retakes (All day/300 wing, Gym)

PERT (After school/Media Center)

Thursday, 5/19:

District Finals (Periods 3,6)

Biology/US History EOC exam makeups (All day/300 wing, Gym)

Friday, 5/20:

HOPE District Final (All day)

ZHS Extended School Year/Summer School

ESY info:

Dates: June 6 to July 8 (20 days, Monday through Thursday. No Fridays except July 8)

Location: ZHS (main building)

Time: 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

For more information, please visit the ZHS Website and click the Students tab, then the ESY Summer 2022 dropdown. It will take you to https://zhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/extended-school-year-esy-2021

Our information letter is found at https://zhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/wp-content/uploads/zhs/2022/04/Final-ESY-Student-Information-Letter-2022-1.pdf

To sign up your student, please visit https://zhs.pasco.k12.fl.us/mform/view.php?id=60920


Because of the renovations, Gus was relocated to the Gym lobby.

Many alumni and community members have asked, so we wanted to make sure everyone knew where he is.

Give Back to Your ZHS Community!

If your student, your family, or you would like to give back to your local community--please contact The Thomas Promise Foundation to see how you can help pack food backpacks for local children and families. You can visit thethomaspromise.org or find them on Facebook (at The Thomas Promise) and Twitter (@ThomasPFdn). Their contact information is 4542 Gall Boulevard, Zephyrhills (33542) and their phone number is 813.782.0000. You can make a difference in the life of a child!

Transportation Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Rachel Leavine, Senior Field Service Specialist

Transportation Southeast



Student Discipline

Outside Food/Food Deliveries

Students are not allowed to have outside restaurant food on campus and are not allowed to have food delivered to campus. DoorDash and other food delivery services are NOT allowed. We jeopardize losing our status as a Free/Reduced Breakfast and Lunch school if we have unauthorized competition with the cafeteria. We are a closed campus for lunch and during the school day. Students may not leave campus and get food. If you have any questions about these requirements, contact Dr. Stanley at cstanley@pasco.k12.fl.us.

Outside food, candy, chips, beverage sales PROHIBITED

Students are not permitted to sell food, candy, chips, or beverages on campus. We do have fundraisers ongoing, but they are not during the school day. Many of our students and staff have allergies and we cannot compete with the cafeteria. No outside food, candy, or beverage sales are allowed. Students who do not follow these procedures are subject to school discipline.

ZHS School Advisory Council (SAC)

What is a School Advisory Council?

  • The school Advisory Council is the means for community and parent involvement in and support of the schools.
  • The School Advisory Council is composed of the principal, teachers, school staff, parents, business and community representatives, and secondary students.

How can I become a SAC member?

  • Elected members of the School Advisory Council include teachers, educational support personnel, parents, and secondary students.
  • Members are also appointed to the council by the principal to represent business and the community.
  • Students serve as SAC members for a one year term.
  • A chairperson is elected annually by the SAC membership.

Any parent, community business member, teacher, or student interested in serving on our SAC committee for the 2022-2023 school year--please email Mrs. McCafferty at cmccaffe@pasco.k12.fl.us for a nomination form. This is a great way to get involved and stay connected to your Bulldog family.

To complete a yearly volunteer application, please visit: http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/comm/volunteer/

Pasco County Schools Covid-19 Protocols


Visit https://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/coronavirus for the Pasco County Schools District COVID response plan and protocols. Parents can check the district dashboard for updates on positive COVID cases.

  • The COVID-19 Daily Report will be updated on the district website each school day. It will report the number of daily confirmed COVID-19 cases among students and staff. Parents are encouraged to review the Daily Report to stay up to date regarding COVID-19 cases at their student’s school.
  • Direct notification will be limited to students or staff who are required to isolate.
  • Students will NOT need to isolate until/unless they develop symptoms or become unable to pass the self-screener found on the the ZHS and Pasco County Schools websites.

  • Please monitor your student for symptoms and use the self-screener. If your student is not feeling well, please do not send them to school.

We continue to take many precautions for student and staff safety that include cleaning supplies in every classroom/work area, social distancing, optional wearing of masks/face barriers, Public Service Announcements (in this newsletter, on the daily School Announcements, and more), hand sanitizer all over campus, and more.

Thank you!

Thank you to all of the people, organizations, and community members who donated time, money, gifts, food, resources and more to the ZHS student body, staff, and community.

The Bulldog Community is unlike any other! Your kindness and generosity is a blessing! #BulldogPRIDE